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Instrumental Invasion, 3/15/23 March 16, 2023

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The March 15 Instrumental Invasion on WCWP was recorded one hour per day on January 29 and 30, with pickups on the 30th. After hearing the filtered audio over the air on January 25, I abandoned the technique. The two locations I record at have unique audio quality, and there’s no point in trying for a uniform sound.

The playlists for this week and next were created on January 20. This week’s annotations came on the 24th and 25th, and the talk break script was drafted on the 26th and 27th.

I led the show with Quincy Jones’s “Killer Joe” arrangement to make up for my blunder on January 18. I superstitiously neglected to acknowledge Q’s 90th birthday on Tuesday; the perils of recording in advance. I did, however, acknowledge the January blunder while back-selling “Chicken Joe” by Joe McBride. The talk-up for that song referenced Chicken Boo from Animaniacs. (I had no idea season three of the Hulu reboot was to launch on February 17.) My cluck for the tease was inspired by Jay Sherman’s (Jon Lovitz) cluck in The Critic series finale.

I’d been meaning to play “Free” by Beth Michaels ever since TWC Classics posted its appearance in a [glitchy] November 27, 1994, local forecast:

RIP Dan Chandler

During the annotation process, “Metro Blue” by Richard Elliot replaced Kenny G‘s cover of “The Way We Were.” Wikipedia’s entry for the album it appears on lacked concise credits, as did all other online resources. Forgetting I had the CD at home, I hastily searched for a replacement, settling on “Metro Blue.” The Metro Blue record label tidbit I had in mind for “Coastline” next week was moved up a week.

I took an educated guess on Herb Alpert‘s “Rotation” personnel.

The playlist included three retreads:

Click here to download this week’s scoped aircheck or listen below:



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