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Two WCWP Homecoming Weekend shows September 28, 2015

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I’ll be doubling my pleasure on WCWP’s Homecoming Weekend as Instrumental Invasion with Mike Chimeri will air twice. The first show kicks off the weekend next Friday, October 9, at noon Eastern. It’ll be my first live homecoming show since 2009. The second show will be pre-recorded, as my previous four shows were, and will air Sunday, October 11, at 2AM Eastern. The above picture is from the end of my pre-record session a few days ago.

You can listen locally on 88.1 FM or at WCWP.org. You can also listen on the TuneIn app. Just search WCWP.

The live show will include Ken Navarro, Brian Simpson, The Jeff Lorber Fusion, and two by Nelson Rangell.

The pre-recorded show is dedicated to songs from albums released between 1965 and 2015, sans 1970. Expect to hear Vince Guaraldi, Return to Forever, Ramsey Lewis, Bobby Lyle, and many more.

Outside of those two shows, I’ll be at the WCWP-FM 50th Anniversary Reception at LIU Post’s Great Hall on Thursday, October 8, and at Post’s various Homecoming activities on Homecoming Day, Saturday, October 10. Late Saturday afternoon, the 2016 inductees to the WCWP Hall of Fame will be announced. I look forward to catching up with my fellow alumni.

I hope you’ll listen to WCWP all weekend long. Homecoming Weekend shows begin at noon next Friday with me and end at midnight on Sunday (early Monday morning).


My 2015 NFL predictions September 10, 2015

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Previous NFL season predictions: 2014

(3/27/16 UPDATE: Results italicized in parentheses.)

The 2015 NFL season starts tonight, which means it’s time for my annual predictions.

In the NFC: The Packers will win the North (1) (wrong; Vikings won with 3 seed; Packers were 5)  Seahawks win the West (2) (wrong; Cardinals won with 2 seed; Seahawks were 6), Cowboys win the East (3), and Panthers win the South (right) (4) (wrong; 1). The Cardinals (5) (wrong; Packers were 5) and Eagles (6) (wrong; didn’t make the playoffs; Seahwaks were 6) will be the wild cards.

In the AFC: The Patriots win the East (right) (1) (wrong; 2), Broncos win the West (right) (2) (wrong; 1), Steelers win the North (3) (wrong about winner, but right about seeding; Bengals won North; Steelers were 6), and Colts win the South (4) (wrong about winner, but right about seeding; Texas won South; Colts didn’t make the playoffs. The Ravens (5) (wrong; didn’t make the playoffs; Chiefs were 5) and Chargers (6) (wrong; didn’t make the playoffs; Steelers were 6) will be the wild cards.

In the postseason:
Wild Card: Eagles, Ravens, Cardinals, and Steelers win (Chiefs, Steelers, Seahawks, and Packers won)
Divisional: Packers, Steelers, Seahawks, and Patriots win (Patriots, Cardinals, Panthers, and Broncos win)
Conference Champions: Packers (NFC) and Patriots (AFC) (Panthers [NFC] and Broncos [AFC]), setting up the Super Bowl XXXI rematch I incorrectly predicted last year. Only this time… (wrong)
Super Bowl 50 Champions: Patriots (Broncos)

Last year, my pessimistic Super Bowl prediction turned out to be right. (Thanks, Pete Carroll.) I’d like to go back to being wrong this year. If I’m right, it will be Bill Belichick’s fifth Super Bowl win as a head coach, surpassing Chuck Noll’s four with the Steelers. (I’m glad to have been wrong again.)

Locally, I expect the Giants to finish third again in the NFC East (right, and with the same record: 6-10) and the Jets to finish remain in last in the AFC East (wrong; they needed to beat the Bills in their last game or for the Steelers to lose to the Browns; neither happened). Rex Ryan’s Bills will finish third in the East (right, and that last win must have been sweet for him), leaving the Dolphins to finish second (wrong; last).

Despite Jameis Winston at quarterback, the Buccaneers will finish last again in the NFC South (right). Marcus Mariota will deliver a third place finish in the AFC South for the Titans (wrong; last).