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CJazzPlus debuts September 28 September 18, 2010

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On September 28, I will launch a new Live365 instrumental music station doubling as a weekly show: CJazzPlus.  It’s contemporary jazz plus traditional jazz, jazz fusion, latin jazz, instrumental pop, and new age.

CJazzPlus will be on the air Tuesdays at 1PM Eastern and Pacific, with encores Thursdays at the same times.  A given month’s shows will air a final time on the last Saturday of that month.  Check back here for times.

Not all sub-genres will be played on each show, but I think you’ll like what you hear.

(Cross-posted on the new CJazzPlus blog page.)

9/27 UPDATE: Shows will now premiere Tuesdays at 2PM Eastern and re-air Thursdays at the same time.  A given month’s shows will not re-air at on the last Saturday of that month, but will re-air on weeks when there isn’t a new show.


Fan phone call! September 1, 2010

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Since March, I have been a semi-regular viewer of Alison Rosen’s weekly internet show, Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend, on the website UStream.  One of the segments on her show, which streams through a webcam on her laptop, is Fan Phone Call.  Phone numbers e-mailed to her by fans are taken out of a pot at random.  The lucky fan is then called.  If there is no answer, Alison leaves a funny voicemail and picks another number.  If there is an answer, she interviews the fan.  I e-mailed my number in March but it was never picked.  So, I e-mailed it again on August 1.

This Sunday, my number was finally picked.  You can see the call here.  Scroll ahead to 27:40.  I also recorded my end of the conversation in Adobe Audition with my mic in hand.  I later mixed Alison’s end and my end together.  Here’s the end result.

As you listen or watch, keep the following in mind:

  • I bear no malice toward WCWP or any of the management.  I have nothing but fond memories and best wishes.  I’ll have more on my Homecoming show in a later post.  (9/25 UPDATE: The show is not happening, but I will be at Homecoming.  10/16 UPDATE: I’m not going, but should be on hand for WCWP’s 50th anniversary next year.)
  • I didn’t notice that Alison and her friend Dustin Goot were referring to the former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater as they were pressing me on my departure from the station.
  • I was speaking generally when I said I’ve stormed out of places in the past, later coming back and apologizing.  It comes with having Asperger Syndrome.  I may regret writing this publicly.
  • As you’ve seen in a few concert recaps on this blog, I do take pictures of street signs, highway markers, and exit signs.  I used to have Hagstrom’s New York City, Western Suffolk, and Eastern Suffolk atlases.  Now, I only have a recent Nassau atlas.  With sites like Mapquest and Google Maps with printable directions, there’s less of a need to rely on atlases.
  • Despite the heat, I kept my word and went for a walk 20 minutes after the call.