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Latest 200+ Wii Bowling game February 28, 2009

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Early this morning, I bowled the latest 200+ game in Wii Sports’ Bowling: a 202!  I was able to get marks in every frame but the last, where I got a 6-7-10 split.

Here is a picture of the final score that I took of the basement TV, where the Nintendo Wii has been back in for two weeks:

A vidcap of video I shot while I had the Wii connected to the VCR:

And finally, the video itself:


Winter pre-order update #1 February 25, 2009

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The first round of pre-orders came out yesterday (Tuesday) and promptly arrived at my front porch.  The items were:
Jeff Kashiwa, “Back In The Day”
Pieces Of A Dream, “Soul Intent”
“Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder” (DVD)
“Super Bowl XLIII Champions: Pittsburgh Steelers” (DVD)

After bringing everything in, opening the packaging, and unwrapping, I ripped (loaded CD tracks from) “Back In The Day” and “Soul Intent” to my computer.  I didn’t get to watch the “Futurama” DVD or listen to the CDs, but I did watch the Super Bowl XLIII DVD.  It was in widescreen format, which was zoomed by my HD upconversion DVD player.  That’s why I love the player.

I’ll get around to CD listening in the next day or so.

Another Double Showcase Winner on TPiR! February 19, 2009

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Today on “The Price is Right,” Lindsey Marie Kowal won both showcases in the Showcase round!  Lindsey Marie – a Cleveland, Ohio, transplant living in Las Vegas – came within $116 of the actual retail price of her showcase, which featured Jo Malone products, a bedroom set (with mattress), and a jet ski.  (If a contestant is within $250 or less on their bid, they win both showcases.)  She was the first Double Showcase winner since Terry Kneiss, another Vegas resident, won in December.  Host Drew Carey exhibited much more enthusiasm than last time, which means there won’t be an uproar from fans on the internet.  (I’d be surprised if there is.)

The second showcase was James Bond-themed with a watch, an assortment of “007” movies on blu-ray disc, a home theater system with blu-ray disc player and a 46″ plasma TV, and a trip to Monte Carlo.

In addition to the showcases, Lindsey Marie won snowboarding equipment in One Bid, the game played in contestants’ row.

Video of the full show can be found here.  The Showcase round begins at 31:37.

2/24 UPDATE: Today, only three airdates later, “The Price is Right” had another Double Showcase winner!  Zachary Newton, the top winner in the Showcase round, came within a mere $87 of the actual retail price of his showcase.  The showcase featured a bedroom set (with mattress), snowboarding and skiing equipment, and a snowmobile.

Zachary passed the first showcase, which featured nine iPod Nanos, a monthly home spa party for a year, and a trip to Sweden.

His One Bid prize was a refrigerator/freezer.

Video of the full show can be found here.  The Showcase round begins at 32:22.

Smooth Jazz for Scholars 2009 date/lineup February 17, 2009

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I spoke to Jay Rowe on the phone yesterday and he confirmed the lineup for this year’s Smooth Jazz for Scholars concert in Milford, Connecticut, along with the date.

The concert is set for Saturday, May 16.  The headliners are Chieli Minucci, Ken Navarro, Nelson Rangell, and Marion Meadows, who grew up in nearby New Haven.  They’ll be performing with Jay and his band, Best Kept Secret.  Besides Jay, the band consists of Rohn (pronounced “Ron”) Lawrence on guitar, Dave Livolsi on bass, and Trever Somerville on drums.

This will be my third year in attendance.  I’ll post a recap within a week afterward.

Meanwhile, click here, here, and here for a look back at last year’s concert, and here for Mary Bentley’s review in last June’s SmoothViews.

7/18 UPDATE: A recap of this year’s concert can be found here.

New blog header February 9, 2009

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Here is The Mike Chimeri Blog’s latest blog header:


Previously unposted WCWP aircheck February 9, 2009

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Last night, in my boredom, I went to the Musicradio 77 WABC tribute site.  On the homepage was an interview with Joe McCoy, the former program director at WCBS-FM.  In the interview, he reflected on the former WABC personalities he hired at CBS-FM.  Those personalities included Harry Harrison, Ron Lundy, Bruce Morrow (a.k.a. Cousin Brucie), and Dan Ingram.

On the page housing the interview, there was an aircheck of Dan Ingram filling in for Ron Lundy over a three-day period in January 1991.  Reading the interview and listening to the aircheck made me think back to my days at WCWP, and a show I recorded in June 2005.  It was an evergreen show with a Classic Top 40 theme.  I hadn’t listened to it since a month or so after recording it because I was ashamed of how I sounded.  I channeled Ingram and Cousin Brucie at times, but felt I sounded corny and forced.

But I’ll let you, the reader, be the judge.  Here’s the aircheck:
Classic Top 40 Evergreen – June 2005

Winter pre-orders February 9, 2009

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It’s time for another round of pre-orders on Amazon.com.  The pre-ordered items range from jazz CDs to animation DVDs to a Super Bowl Champions DVD.  Here’s the list:

Jeff Kashiwa, “Back In The Day” (2/24)
Pieces Of A Dream, “Soul Intent” (2/24)
“Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder” (DVD) (2/24)
“Super Bowl XLIII Champions: Pittsburgh Steelers” (DVD) (2/24)
Rippingtons, “Modern Art” (3/10)
Down to the Bone, “Future Boogie” (4/21)

Check back in the coming weeks for pre-order updates, which will come when the items arrive or if I pre-order anything else.

2/10 UPDATE: Chuck Loeb, “Between 2 Worlds” (3/24)