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Instrumental Invasion, 1/25/23 January 26, 2023

Posted by Mike C. in Airchecks, Audio, Internet, Jazz, Media, Music, Personal, Radio, Rockabilly.

The January 25 Instrumental Invasion on WCWP was the third one-day record in four calendar weeks, done entirely on December 7, 2022. Pickups and remixing were done on December 8 with an additional pickup on the 19th.

The playlist was created on December 4 with annotations on the 4th and 5th, and the talk break script drafted on the 6th.

You never know who you’ll meet through ride-sharing. Thank you, Bobcat, for introducing me to your music on my ride home December 1.

It didn’t occur to me until drafting the script that I had crafted a travel and music touring themed playlist.

This week had an extra 1996-2006 segment.

Turkish” by Rick Braun was first played on April 20, 2022. “No Two Ways About It” by Jeff Golub and “Malibu Dreams” by Kenny G are the latest pair of songs I’ve played after hearing them on Watercolors. That’s where I heard Randal Clark‘s “Missing You,” leading me to play the original “Daddy’s Gonna Miss You” by Yellowjackets. I learned while annotating that Randal’s version was personally reworked and retitled by Jimmy Haslip, and Jimmy reprised his bass on it. “Missing You” appears on Randal’s Stargazer album. I bought a CD copy, which means you’ll be hearing plenty of him in the weeks ahead, starting with “Missing You.”

It was about time I clarified the use of Ryan Grabow‘s “ripping good time” liner coming in or out of “Santa Fe Trail” by The Rippingtons, lest listeners think he was in the band. I had Cousin Bruce Morrow on my mind when I added the “cousin” prefix to trombonist Bruce Fowler on that song.

Click here to download this week’s scoped aircheck or listen below:



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