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Ken Navarro, “Dreaming of Trains” April 24, 2010

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On March 16, Ken Navarro’s 19th album, “Dreaming of Trains,” album was officially released.  It’s been out on Ken’s website since January 16.

As the title indicates, it’s like a trip through a dream, track by track.  Whenever I’ve listened, I daydream that I’m on the Long Island Rail Road.  I’m looking out the window as we pass through different hamlets and villages of Nassau County or sections of Queens and Brooklyn.  The doors open and close.  There’s a ding-dong sound followed by either an automated message or live conductor on the public address system letting us know where we’re headed, what station is next, or what station we’re at.

The tracks:
1. Dream So Real (2:46)
2. Self Propelled (4:46)
3. True Stories (8:44)
4. Dreaming of Trains (8:27)
5. The Buzz (4:35)
6. Shared Air (5:43)
7. Everything Being Is Dancing (5:43)
8. The Stars, The Snow, The Fire (7:23)
9. Gymnopedie No. 1 (3:04)

The musicians on “Dreaming of Trains” are the same as on “The Grace of Summer Light”:
Ken Navarro – guitars, keyboards
Jay Rowe – acoustic piano, keyboards
Tom Kennedy – acoustic bass, electric bass, fretless electric bass
Joel Rosenblatt – drums

The specific instruments played varies by track.  Ann Sacks appears on vocals on “Dream So Real,” where the dream is intended to begin.

I’m dreaming of trains, and you will be, too, when you listen.

6/9 UPDATE: I linked to this post at the Magic Island BBS and Ken had this to say in reply:

Thanks Mike – and here is a link to another very nice review – http://jazzartistrynow.com/?p=267

You’re very welcome, Ken.


David Benoit, “Earthglow” April 24, 2010

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On Tuesday, “Earthglow,” David Benoit’s latest album, was released.  I spent part of Tuesday and Wednesday listening to it for the first time.  I’m probably on my fourth listen by now.

Two years ago, I said his “Heroes” cover album was a “winner” and a “grand slam”.  “Earthglow” is another winner from David.

The album has a world theme and you’ll hear it in every track.  Here are those tracks:
1. Botswana Bossa Nova (3:54)
2. Will’s Chill (4:33)
3. Unbelievable (4:08 )
4. Easy Day (4:40)
5. Straightaway (4:13)
6. New Creation (3:25)
7. Earthglow (4:25)
8. Sneaky As A Cat (4:07)
9. Downtime (4:15)
10. Brownie’s Gone (4:35)
11. Freedom At Midnight (The Schroeder Variations) (6:01)

On the last track, David switches back and forth from “Freedom At Midnight” to Ludwig Van Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.”  It’s based on the version played at his live shows, although it’s merely an interlude there.

The musicians:
David Benoit – piano, Rhodes, synthesizers, sequence programming
David Hughes – bass
Jamey Tate – drums
Brad Dutz – percussion

Rick Braun – trumpet and flugelhorn
Jeff Kashiwa – alto and tenor sax
Pat Kelley – acoustic and electric guitar
Tim Weisberg – flute, alto flute, and bass flute
James Saez – electric guitar on “Unbelievable”

Expect to hear the above tracks on future editions of “Evening Jazz”.  I played “Botswana Bossa Nova” on Thursday’s show.

Long Island Radio & TV Day 2010 April 19, 2010

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Saturday, for the second year in a row, I was on hand at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts for Long Island Radio & TV Day, presented by WCWP and the Long Island Wireless Historical Society.  Last year, I didn’t show up until around 12PM.  This year, I was there from start to finish.  As a result, I saw more speakers, met more people, and took nearly twice as many pictures.

So, let’s take a trip through the day in pictures.

The north entrance:

The lobby:

The exhibits began in the lobby…

…and continued in the Atrium:

I wish I remembered Morse Code.  I typed something into the bugs below…

…but I don’t know what.

Jay Elzweig’s exhibit:


Dawn-Marie Feiler and Angelica Ayroso worked the Telecare table:

I spoke to them a few times; they were very nice.

Connie Currie:

The WCWP exhibit:

Bill Epperhart, 1948-2000:

Kevin Jeffreys, 1949-2008:

Chloe from WBLI:

Bill Tynan speaking with voiceover talents Mike Pollock and Peter Rofé:

There were four lectures in the Patrons Lounge.   The first was “Emergency Communications: The Role of Amateur Radio,” with Jim Mezey of W2KFV:

Next, “Woodstock Radio & Me” with Pete Fornatale, an alumnus of WFUV-FM and WNEW-FM; currently hosting “Mixed Bag” on ‘FUV:

Pete also signed copies of his book, “Back to the Garden: the Story of Woodstock.”  Here, he poses with Bill Sobel:

Rick Mide speaking with Pete:

In the lobby, the South Shore Syncopators recreated a 1930s radio broadcast:

Back in the Lounge, the third lecture: “The Theremin: the history of the first electronic music instrument,” with Kip Rosser:

Kip speaking about the instrument’s inventor, Professor Leon Theremin:

The last lecture was by Professor Herb Norman: “I Love a Mystery: A look back at the great radio mysteries”:

Among the mysteries discussed, and excerpts used, “The Shadow” and “Lights Out”:

Clay Cole, of “The Clay Cole Show,” was also at LIR&TV Day. He signed copies of his bestselling book, “Sh-Boom!: The Explosion of Rock ‘n’ Roll (1953-1968).”  Here he is with Russ “Famous Amos” DiBello and Anita Bonita:

WNYG alum Ron Roberts and Howie Zeidman also spent a few minutes with Clay:

Bill Mozer:

Throughout the day, Glen Cove High School’s GCHS-TV operated a live webcast for the LIR&TVD website:

Except during interviews, an overhead camera focused on the heart of the Atrium:

(Did you notice me above the word “Radio” taking a picture of the monitor?)

Interviews were conducted by Maura “Bernie” Bernard.  The guests were former “American Idol” contestant, and C.W. Post alumnus, Bryce Larsen:

Tracy Burgess and Lisa Ritchie:

Clay Cole:

Roger Luce of WBAB-FM, an alum of WCWP:

Don K. Reed of WCBS-FM:

And Eliot Goshman, yet another WCWP alumnus:

Here, we see engineer Cary Breiner, Bill Mozer, director Howie Zeidman, and NJ Burkett:

NJ speaking with Cary, Mitch Lebe, Bill Diehl of ABC News Radio, and John Von Soosten of Sirius XM:

Bill Dillane poses with Anita Bonita and Famous Amos:

Lisa Ritchie, Keith Allen, Anita Bonita, and Famous Amos:

Bill Sobel poses with Fresh 102.7’s Robin Marshall:

Ted David was next:

WLNY TV 10/55 anchor Michelle Imperato introduces herself to John Bohannon; David Plotkin of 1010 WINS:

John Leisher of WCBS 880, Ted David, Bill Diehl:

WLNY meteorologist David Weiss, Michelle Imperato, camera operator Joe Marcus:

Anita Bonita, Big Tom Lawler of WMTR, Famous Amos, Mike Erickson:

Jim Cutler shoots an interview with Ted David…

…and another with Jamie Mazzo:

I was also interviewed.  I hope I made sense in it.

Michelle’s TV 10/55 co-anchor Richard Rose (center, in front of Ted) was also there:

Jerry Barmash interviewed Bill Mozer for his website, NY Media Examiner:

A tour of WCWP:

Back at Tilles…

We conclude with pictures I appeared in.  We start with fellow radio fan Andrea Wiener:

My fellow WCWP alumna, Jamie Mazzo:

Mitch Lebe:

Roger Luce:

Jim Cutler:

Don K. Reed:

Anita Bonita:

Don “The Record Handler” Tandler:

Keith Allen:

And Robin Marshall:

Thank you to everyone involved.  It was a lot of fun.  See you next year.

NOTE: If I made any mistakes or left information out, let me know in the comments and I’ll update as soon I can.  Thank you very much.

4/20, 12:45 AM UPDATE:

4/22 UPDATE: Jerry Barmash’s recap is up.  I’m in it:

Mike Chimeri is a two-nights a week jazz host at C.W. Post’s WCWP. He is another person who circles the calendar each year for the LIRTD.
“I love it. It’s interesting to learn about the history of radio…and the history of wireless communication,” Chimeri said.
He also enjoyed meeting the amateur radio enthusiasts, along with the professionals from radio and TV.

All of that is true.

12/18 UPDATE: Today, I was saddened to learn of Clay Cole’s sudden passing.  He will be missed.

Dharma All Stars recap 5 April 9, 2010

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Last night, I went to Mirelle’s restaurant in Westbury, New York, to see the latest performance by John Favicchia’s band, the Dharma All Stars.

Chieli Minucci was on guitar:

Jack Knight on bass:

Bill Heller on keyboard:

Bill Harris on tenor saxophone:

Brad Mason on trumpet…

…and flugelhorn:

And John Fav on drums:

The set lasted just over an hour, and what a set it was:
1. Horizons
2. Black
3. Sing a Song of Song
4. Coincidence
5. Snakes
6. Sister Cheryl
7. Kukuc