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Fan phone call! September 1, 2010

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Since March, I have been a semi-regular viewer of Alison Rosen’s weekly internet show, Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend, on the website UStream.  One of the segments on her show, which streams through a webcam on her laptop, is Fan Phone Call.  Phone numbers e-mailed to her by fans are taken out of a pot at random.  The lucky fan is then called.  If there is no answer, Alison leaves a funny voicemail and picks another number.  If there is an answer, she interviews the fan.  I e-mailed my number in March but it was never picked.  So, I e-mailed it again on August 1.

This Sunday, my number was finally picked.  You can see the call here.  Scroll ahead to 27:40.  I also recorded my end of the conversation in Adobe Audition with my mic in hand.  I later mixed Alison’s end and my end together.  Here’s the end result.

As you listen or watch, keep the following in mind:

  • I bear no malice toward WCWP or any of the management.  I have nothing but fond memories and best wishes.  I’ll have more on my Homecoming show in a later post.  (9/25 UPDATE: The show is not happening, but I will be at Homecoming.  10/16 UPDATE: I’m not going, but should be on hand for WCWP’s 50th anniversary next year.)
  • I didn’t notice that Alison and her friend Dustin Goot were referring to the former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater as they were pressing me on my departure from the station.
  • I was speaking generally when I said I’ve stormed out of places in the past, later coming back and apologizing.  It comes with having Asperger Syndrome.  I may regret writing this publicly.
  • As you’ve seen in a few concert recaps on this blog, I do take pictures of street signs, highway markers, and exit signs.  I used to have Hagstrom’s New York City, Western Suffolk, and Eastern Suffolk atlases.  Now, I only have a recent Nassau atlas.  With sites like Mapquest and Google Maps with printable directions, there’s less of a need to rely on atlases.
  • Despite the heat, I kept my word and went for a walk 20 minutes after the call.


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