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Instrumental Invasion, 2/8/23: Three-of-a-Kind Showcases February 9, 2023

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The February 8 Instrumental Invasion on WCWP was recorded in December 2022: two segments on December 20 and four (plus pickups) on the 21st.

The playlist was created on December 13 after realizing I’d be too sick to record anything that week. (Read about my flu experience in last week’s post.) Annotations for this show and next week’s milestone 150th show were written on the 14th and 16th with this week’s talk break script drafted on the 18th. I went 61 seconds over in the first segment and spent the rest of the show compensating. I did so at the expense of some extra information.

As noted during the show, the Three-of-a-Kind Showcase was a staple of The Mike Chimeri Show with each hour having a set of three songs in chronological order by an artist or group. I only had one hour to work with on the original The Instrumental Invasion, so there was only one showcase per week. The “showcase” part came from my love of The Price is Right, and I eventually introduced them by saying “[artist/group], this is your showcase.” Music cues I found on this YouTube channel, and saved as WAV files, meant I could introduce the six showcases in this show with showcase cues (and the main theme) from the Bob Barker era. I closed with Bob’s original “…saying goodbye, everybody” sign-off. (The spay/neuter version was implied.)

Eight songs made their second appearance, listed by artist/group (original date in parentheses)

That last one was also part of my live October 14 show (Homecoming Weekend).

For reference, these are the music cues used in order of appearance:

And I made another jingle hybrid, tacking the “ding” sound onto the end of the WCWP jingle:

Click here to download the scoped aircheck or listen below:

Next week, 150!



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