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Ken Navarro, “Dreaming of Trains” April 24, 2010

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Music, Personal, Travel.

On March 16, Ken Navarro’s 19th album, “Dreaming of Trains,” album was officially released.  It’s been out on Ken’s website since January 16.

As the title indicates, it’s like a trip through a dream, track by track.  Whenever I’ve listened, I daydream that I’m on the Long Island Rail Road.  I’m looking out the window as we pass through different hamlets and villages of Nassau County or sections of Queens and Brooklyn.  The doors open and close.  There’s a ding-dong sound followed by either an automated message or live conductor on the public address system letting us know where we’re headed, what station is next, or what station we’re at.

The tracks:
1. Dream So Real (2:46)
2. Self Propelled (4:46)
3. True Stories (8:44)
4. Dreaming of Trains (8:27)
5. The Buzz (4:35)
6. Shared Air (5:43)
7. Everything Being Is Dancing (5:43)
8. The Stars, The Snow, The Fire (7:23)
9. Gymnopedie No. 1 (3:04)

The musicians on “Dreaming of Trains” are the same as on “The Grace of Summer Light”:
Ken Navarro – guitars, keyboards
Jay Rowe – acoustic piano, keyboards
Tom Kennedy – acoustic bass, electric bass, fretless electric bass
Joel Rosenblatt – drums

The specific instruments played varies by track.  Ann Sacks appears on vocals on “Dream So Real,” where the dream is intended to begin.

I’m dreaming of trains, and you will be, too, when you listen.

6/9 UPDATE: I linked to this post at the Magic Island BBS and Ken had this to say in reply:

Thanks Mike – and here is a link to another very nice review – http://jazzartistrynow.com/?p=267

You’re very welcome, Ken.



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