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Instrumental Invasion, 3/1/23 March 2, 2023

Posted by Mike C. in Airchecks, Audio, Internet, Jazz, Media, Music, Personal, Radio, Video.

The March 1 Instrumental Invasion on WCWP was recorded and mixed entirely on January 9.

The playlist was created on January 3, with annotations starting on the 3rd and not resuming until the 7th. The talk break script was drafted on the 8th.

This was the second week in a row with songs from David Benoit‘s Waiting for Spring album and Trilogy 2 by the Chick Corea Trio. “All Blues” was the third of three songs over ten minutes long. The other two were “L-Dopa” by Maynard Ferguson and “Orchestrion” by Pat Metheny, the only song of hour 2’s first segment.

Here is the link to the Orchestrion backstory, along with a walkthrough video:

This was the final week before a segment format expansion, laid out below:

  • 1984 and earlier is unchanged
  • 1985-95 becomes 1985-97
  • 1996-2006 becomes 1998-2009
  • 2007-16 becomes 2010-20
  • 2017 to present becomes 2021 to present

Minimal background information in my talk breaks led to an excessive surplus of time. Padding segments with extra liners only wasn’t enough. So, I partially redid hour 2 talk breaks at a slower pace, except for two that were redone entirely.

As noted on the air, “The Lift” by Marion Meadows was originally played on April 8, 2020. I played the 1978 version of the Jeff Lorber Fusion’s “The Samba” on February 23, 2022.

Click here to download this week’s scoped aircheck or listen below:



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