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Instrumental Invasion, 10/16/22, 6AM (Homecoming Weekend) October 16, 2022

Posted by Mike C. in Airchecks, Audio, Internet, Jazz, Media, Music, Personal, Radio.

The second Instrumental Invasion of this year’s Homecoming Weekend block on WCWP was recorded one hour per day on October 2 (at home) and 3 (at my second location). I considered it a backup that might air, but found out last Saturday that it would air at 6AM Sunday. (Click here for a recap of Friday’s live 2PM show.)

Rather than make another theme show, I recycled the 60-year musical journey playlist from last Wednesday’s show, but with new talk breaks, rearranged liners, additional liners, and two extra songs to accommodate the weekend’s non-segmented format. The extra songs were:

Since I deleted the original Word document for Wednesday’s show, the playlist was created from scratch on September 29. Annotations were transcribed and newly made on September 30 with a revised talk break script drafted on October 1.

Time constraints in the second hour meant a few talk break lines had to be cut, including “I’ll drink to that…with a soft drink” for Jeff Golub‘s cover of “Cold Duck Time.” The first hour had the opposite problem, which meant padding it out with an extra liner and not starting some songs as music beds.

Like last year, I screencapped the complete Adobe Audition session:

Click here to download the scoped aircheck or listen below:

I left in the end of ELO Forever with Wilbury Steve (Steven Acevedo).

The unscoped aircheck is available for download on Google Drive.



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