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Instrumental Invasion, 8/24/22 August 25, 2022

Posted by Mike C. in Airchecks, Audio, Internet, Jazz, Media, Music, Personal, Radio.

The August 24 Instrumental Invasion on WCWP was recorded in two days: one segment on June 27 (after all of last week’s show) and the other five on June 28, plus a pickup on the 29th. I haven’t recorded two shows in two days since the first two Wednesday night shows ever, back in April 2020 (April 1, April 8), and that was a stretch of six shows recorded in six days. (The talk breaks for the first and fourth show were recorded before producing multitrack segments for each segment.)

The playlist was created on June 22 and annotated on the 23rd (after finishing last week’s annotations) and 24th. The talk break script was drafted on the 26th (a day after last week’s script).

I recorded all the talk breaks for the last two segments before making their multitrack sessions, after doing the same for the first segment of hour two. I did not anticipate running short in the last segment, which required me to retroactively add 25 seconds to the first segment of the show. Thankfully, I didn’t have to record pickups.

For the second week in a row, I swapped out one of the 2017-present segments since I didn’t have much music to play from new albums. I moved the one that remained to the middle of hour 2 and added a 1996-2006 segment. To that end, this was also the second week in a row with a song from Larry Carlton‘s Fingerprints album and second show in the last three with a song from Ken Navarro‘s The Grace of Summer Light. And as it happens, I’d gone exactly 26 months between playing songs from Dan Siegel‘s The Hot Shot and 52 weeks between songs from Nelson Rangell‘s Always.

Click here to download the aircheck MP3 or listen below:



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