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Instrumental Invasion, 11/4/20 November 5, 2020

Posted by Mike C. in Airchecks, Audio, Internet, Jazz, Media, Music, Personal, Radio, Travel.

The November 4, 2020, Instrumental Invasion on WCWP was recorded over four days:

  • September 25: Hour 1, Segment 1
  • September 26: Hour 1, Segments 2 and 3
  • September 27: Hour 2, Segment 1
  • September 28: Hour 2, Segments 2 and 3

The playlist was created and annotated on September 22.

I made up for last week by successfully including “Beyond the Seventh Galaxy” by Return to Forever.

I had to script out all talk breaks in the first segment, but only two others after that.

I was interested to learn about Larriland Farm after including Ken Navarro’s tribute to them. In addition to their website, this video neatly explains them:

The stream was down, so I couldn’t aircheck the show, but I was assured that the station was still broadcasting over the air. To make up for that, just as I did three months ago, I combined the segment files into one big file in Adobe Audition, applying the broadcast multiband compression filter to each segment.

Click here to download the scoped “aircheck” MP3 or listen below:

11:05 AM UPDATE: I was wrong to refer to TLC as a band when talking up Steve Cole‘s cover of “Waterfalls.” Bands play instruments; they just sang. They were a group.



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