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Matt Marshak “Colors of Me” release party November 19, 2012

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Saturday night at Houndstooth Pub, contemporary jazz guitarist Matt Marshak hosted a CD release party/show for his new album Colors of Me.  It made for a great present for my 31st birthday.

This is my first show recap to include grayscale (black and white) pictures.

Matt played electric guitar:

Kenny Harris was on bass:

Carl “C-Man” Anderson on drums:

…and Daniel West on the keyboard:

I was at Houndstooth for the first set.  Here’s the set list:
1. Down in Delaware
2. Cadillac Kid
3. Summerfunk
4. Teddy P (audience request)
5. Sanibel
6. Time for Takeoff
7. On the Rocks*
8. Funkology*

*-Alex Bugnon sat in on keyboard.

After “Time for Takeoff,” it was time for surprise guest Alex Bugnon to sit in on keyboard…

…which he did for “On the Rocks” and “Funkology.”

“On the Rocks” featured an intense call and response between Matt and Alex:

Alex’s “Funkology” solo:

…followed by Kenny’s bass solo:

…and the C-Man’s vocal solo with audience participation:

As the set concluded, Alex and I met in person for the first time.  Then, my friend Dolly Moye took this picture:

What can I say that I haven’t already said in other recaps?  I had a great time, as always; another unforgettable night.


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