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Matt Marshak with Oli Silk & Joey Sommerville recap October 2, 2011

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I was at the Houndstooth Pub last night to see Matt Marshak with Oli Silk and Joey Sommerville perform.  Thinking the show was at 7:00, I left for the Wantagh LIRR station at 5:00 for the 5:18 train to Penn Station.  Before I left the house, it still felt warm and barely humid outside, but on the platform at the train station, it felt cool and dry.  It’s a good thing I brought a jacket.  I also brought an umbrella, which came in handy for the four-block walk to Houndstooth.  For the second day in a row, small bands of rain developed and moved their way north-northwest.  The tri-state area was on the northeast side of an upper-level low pressure system centered over Pennsylvania.  That’s still the case as I type.  When I got to Houndstooth at 6:25, I was informed that the show was at 8:00 rather than 7:00.  So, I had to wait in the entrance for close to ten minutes until the lower level, where the show was, was opened up.

Once the doors opened, the seats at the tables and bar (where I sat) gradually filled up.  There were few empty seats left by show time.  After an introduction from Eulis Cathey of WBGO (whose show I put on for a few minutes while writing the early part of this post), it was time to begin.

Matt Marshak played guitar:

Oli Silk on the keyboard:

Joey Sommerville on trumpet:

Kenny Harris on bass:

And Carl “C-Man” Anderson on drums:

I was there for the first set before they took a break.  Here’s what they played:
(NOTE: Joey came to the stage after song 2, did not play on song 7.)
1. On the Rocks
2. S.O.S.O.S.! (Oli Silk)
3. Swag (Joey Sommerville)
4. Teddy P – Kenny Harris, vocals
5. A Silent Knowing
6. Moonshadows (Joey Sommerville)
7. Get Out Claws (Oli Silk)
8. Like You Mean It (Joey Sommerville) – Joey S., vocals
9. I Will Be With You – Kenny Harris, bass solo; Carl Anderson, drum solo/vocals

(singing): “Swing yo’ hips (4x) like you mean it!”

Joey took to the audience midway through “Like You Mean It”:

“I Will Be With You” had two major solos.  First from Kenny Harris…

…and then Carl Anderson:

The C-Man got a standing ovation:

The last note of the set:

You couldn’t ask for a better night: a packed house and outstanding music from outstanding players.

10/4 UPDATE: Check out Katherine Gilraine’s recap.



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