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Riding the Long Island Expressway July 29, 2012

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I went to Hoboken last Saturday for my friends’ daughter’s first birthday party.  On the drive with my parents to and from the Madison Bar and Grill, I took plenty of pictures.  In fact,  I shot more on the drive than at the party: 115 out of 224.

In this post, we’ll focus on pics taken on Interstate 495, the L.I.E. (Long Island Expressway).

Westbound, starting with Exit 37:

Exit 36:

Exit 33:

Exit 32:

Exit 31:

Exit 28:

Exit 27:

A tow truck got in the way for the next few exits.  I resumed at Exit 20:

Exit 19:

Exit 18:

Exit 17W:

Exit 16:

Exit 15, the last westbound exit:

Eastbound starts immediately after the tolls with Exit 13:

Exit 14:

Exit 17:

Exit 19:

Exit 21:

Exit 22:

Exit 24:

Exit 25:

There was a bow below the rear view mirror in the way in the upper left.  So, I rubber stamped it out in Adobe Photoshop 7.

Exit 26:

Exit 27:

Exit 29:

Exit 30:

Exit 31S:

Traffic advisory sign:

Exit 32:

Exit 33:

Exit 34:

Exit 35:

Exit 36:

Exit 37:

Exit 38:

Exit 39:

Exit 40W:

Exit 40E:

Exit 41S:

Exit 41N:

Exit 42:

Exit 43:

A closer look:

Before HOV lanes were added, the Exit 43 ramp was here:

The original ramp can be seen in a video from WLIG-TV (now WLNY) after Hurricane Gloria hit Long Island on September 27, 1985.  This is a vidcap (h/t Mike Erickson):


The vidcap was taken at the 1:03 mark.

Exit 44S:

That was our exit.  From there, it wasn’t long before we got home.  I spent several hours the next day editing all 224 pictures.  The party pics were easy to edit because I used the flash and didn’t have to fix the color or smudge out license plates.



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