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Shilts at Houndsooth Pub recap; with guests! June 13, 2011

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Later Shilts recap: May 2012

Saturday evening, I made my second trip to Manhattan in four days.  I saw Lisa Hilton down in Greenwich Village on Wednesday.  On Saturday, the musician was Shilts at Houndstooth Pub in the Fashion District, a few blocks north of Penn Station.

Unlike Wednesday when my dad and I drove to the venue, I went by myself taking the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) to Penn Station.  Not that it mattered to me, but alcohol was banned from trains that day because of the Belmont Stakes.  It made sense.  Why spoil the day of someone who came from out of town for the race?  I was between Woodside and Penn Station while the race was in progress.  Neither Shackleford nor Animal Kingdom won.  Instead, Ruler on Ice was the surprise winner, as I learned through mobile web on my cell phone once inside Houndstooth Pub and watched on DVR when I got home.

Getting back to music, the last time I was at Houndstooth for Brian Simpson, there were strong winds and heavy rain.  This time, there was a lighter wind and mist.  The $19.99 umbrella I bought earlier in the day was worth it.

Bass player Kenny Harris opened up for Shilts with two songs.  The latter song was a Bobby Caldwell cover, “What You Won’t Do For Love,” which he also played during Matt Marshak’s Houndstooth show in December.

Kenny was accompanied by his brother Rodney Harris on drums and the aforementioned Matt Marshak on guitar.

Then, it was time for Shilts.

Kenny Harris remained on bass:

Frank “Third” Richardson was on drums:

And Jay Rowe played the keyboards:

See What Happens
2. Look What’s Happened
3. Good Evans – Solo intro by Jay Rowe
4. Steve Cole: Just A Natural Thang – without Shilts
5. Sugar (Stanley Turrentine cover) – with Steve Cole
6. Seeing Things Clearly
7. Jam – with Matt Marshak
8. Staten Island Groove – with Matt Marshak

Jay led off “Good Evans” with an original piano solo:

He had another in the middle of the song:

After “Good Evans,” Shilts introduced a special guest:

Steve Cole!

Shilts yielded the stage to Steve who played “Just A Natural Thang”:

Shilts returned and Steve stuck around for “Sugar”:

Shilts brought out another special guest, Matt Marshak, seen earlier with Kenny, for the last two songs:

Matt’s “Jam” solo:

Third Richardson’s “Jam” drum solo:

Solo over:

Wild applause:

The last song of the set was “Staten Island Groove”:

And that was it for the first set:

I’m sure the second set was just as great.

Before I left, I said hello to Shilts and we posed this picture:

I had a blast.  I send my thanks to all involved: Shilts, Steve Cole, Kenny Harris, Rodney Harris, Third Richardson, Matt Marshak, Jay Rowe, Eulis Cathey, Kevin McCabe, Steve Butler, Kat Sarracco, Frank Sarracco (neither present, but there in spirit as Neko Productions was a sponsor), and Katherine Gilraine.  K.G. has a post up about the entire night.



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