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Brian Simpson concert recap April 17, 2011

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Music, Personal, Weather.

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Yesterday, my parents and I braved the strong easterly winds and heavy rain to see Brian Simpson‘s 8PM set at Houndstooth Pub, located in the Fashion District section of Manhattan.  It was Brian’s first performance ever in New York City.

Brian played the keyboard…

and the keytar:

Matt Marshak was on guitar:

The last show I saw at Houndstooth was Matt’s in December.

Carl Carter on bass:

And Lionel Cordew on the drums:

1. It Could Happen (keytar/keyboard)
2. Here With You
3. The Blues – Elan Trotman, sax
4. Let’s Get Close (keytar)
5. South Beach (keytar/keyboard) – Elan Trotman, sax
6. Can’t Tell You Why
7. Funkology (Matt Marshak tune)
8. Killer Joe (Quincy Jones cover) – Elan Trotman, sax
9. Brazilia
10. Saturday Cool/Mr. Magic (the latter is a Grover Washington, Jr. cover) (keytar/keyboard) – Elan Trotman, sax

Between “The Blues” and “Let’s Get Close,” Brian recounted his pop past, which included co-writing and performing on “The First Time” by Surface.  That song is available on Surface’s 3 Deep and Best Of albums and on iTunes.

Mirror image of Lionel:

Elan Trotman played the saxophone on “The Blues,” “South Beach,” “Killer Joe,” and “Saturday Cool/Mr. Magic”:

One of Matt’s guitar solos…

Carl’s bass solo…

At the end of the set, Brian thanked the band…

…Neal Newman, the audio engineer…

…and Steve Butler, who was right behind me, which is why Brian is pointing in my direction:

I briefly spoke to Brian during the break and we posed for this picture:

The 8:00 set was great!  And I’m sure the same could be said for the one at 10:30.



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