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RnR Smooth Cruise recap August 7, 2010

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Music, Photography, Travel, Weather.

On Wednesday, I embarked on my third Smooth Cruise aboard the Spirit of New York.  The cruise was their 6:30 PM sunset cruise.  In 2008, I saw Spyro Gyra.  In 2009, I caught the Rippingtons.   This time, the group was RnR: Rick Braun and Richard Elliot.  It was the first time I had seen them since June 2008 at IMAC.

RnR was made up of Rick Braun on trumpet…

…and flugelhorn:

Richard Elliot on tenor sax…

…and EWI (electronic wind instrument):

Dwight Sills on guitar:

Nathaniel “Nate” Phillips on bass:

Ricky Lawson on drums:

And Ron Reinhardt on the keyboards:

The ship left Chelsea Piers’ Pier 61 at around 6:45.  The set began shortly thereafter.  So, let’s take you through that set:

1. Q It Up

2. Down and Dirty

3. Tijuana Dance?

Rick switched to flugelhorn for this one:

I went outside for a few minutes to snap some pictures.

The Statue of Liberty:

Lower Manhattan:


Back inside…

4. Inner City Blues (Richard only)

Richard began on the EWI…

…before switching back to tenor sax:

Ron had a wild keyboard solo:

Rick dedicated the next song to his late mother and all the moms in the audience:

And that song was…

5. My Funny Valentine (Rick only)

Rick was on vocals…

…and muted trumpet:

6. When A Man Loves A Woman (Richard only)

While Richard played inside, I went back outside just as we rode under the Brooklyn Bridge…

…and came close to the Manhattan Bridge:

FDR Drive:

The ship then turned around, heading back for Chelsea Piers.

Back inside, I shot another pic of the FDR Drive from my table:

Back at the stage, Richard was playing his heart out:

For this, he got a standing ovation:

Rick returned to the stage for…

7. Green Tomatoes

He and Richard invited the audience to get on their feet and dance:

Those on the floor didn’t leave until the set was over.

8. Keep On Truckin’

Richard sang through his EWI:

Rick appeared mesmerized:

Richard switched back to the sax at the end:

9. Grazin’ In The Grass

“Everybody scream!”

The band left the stage for what felt like ten seconds and came back for an encore.

10 (Encore). Rock Steady/Move On Up


The “Move On Up” half of the encore:

The final note:

Afterward, I went downstairs to re-meet and re-greet Rick and Richard:

The set was exhilarating.  And after all that, Rick and Richard had a moonlight cruise set at 9:30.  I have no doubt that it was just as exhilarating then as it was for the set I saw.  Thanks to Rick, Richard, Dwight, Nate, Ricky, and Ron.



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