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C.W. Post/WCWP Homecoming 2008 recap October 21, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Airchecks, Interviews, Jazz, Personal, Radio.

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Before I begin the recap, here is the aircheck of my alumni radio show…
2008 Alumni Show aircheck audio

…and both parts of my previously discussed interview with Ken Navarro:
Ken Navarro Interview II, Part 1
Ken Navarro Interview II, Part 2
2/3/13 UPDATE: Ken Navarro Interview II-Final Cut

With that out of the way, let’s begin.  I arrived on campus at 2:00 on Saturday, a cold (for October), windy day.  First, I went to WCWP to put down all my equipment.  Then, I walked to Hickox Field to take in the Homecoming atmosphere.

On the field, the C.W. Post Pioneers football team were playing the Millersville Marauders.

WCWP (highlighted in this picture by the black oval) provided the play-by-play:

Bored, and hardly seeing anyone I knew, I walked back to WCWP to prepare for my radio show.  It turned out to be a good thing I left when I did, as you’ll find out three pictures down.  (By the way, the Pioneers won 55-38, extending their record to 2-5.)

Earlier this year, fellow WCWP alumnus Kevin Jeffreys passed away.  This year’s Homecoming and alumni weekend were dedicated to him:

All four news production TVs were tuned to the Studio 1 webcam used exclusively for alumni weekend.  Below, you see the football postgame in progress.

The game, and subsequent postgame coverage, ended much sooner than I, and several alumni, thought it would.  So, instead of coming on the air at 3:30, I came on at 3:00.  Luckily, I found a handful long tracks on the CDs I brought for the original playlist to fill the extra time.  Here are some camcorder vidcaps of my show, as seen in the video I linked to at the top of this recap:

Toward the end of the show, I went to the myWCWP website to see what the webcam looked like on the internet stream:

Then, Phil, a current WCWP member, took this picture from one of the news TVs:

Craig Stern, another fellow alum, shot this picture of me at the board:

After the show, it was off to the Pioneer Room on the first floor of Hillwood Commons for the Friends of WCWP Alumni Dinner, where Bernie Bernard hosted her alumni show (Craig Stern is in the first pic):

Here I am with Bernie and Alan Seltzer, who, as the Homecoming Coordinator, is responsible for putting alumni weekend together (updated after Alan’s comment):

With Jamie Mazzo:

Jamie and Bernie:

Then, it was back to Studio 1 at WCWP for Jay Mirabile’s special four-hour “Disco and Funk King Show”:

Here I am with Jay:

One last picture: Jay in action.

And that was my Saturday at C.W. Post for this year’s Homecoming.  It was a long, but worthwhile day.



1. Steven Acevedo - October 21, 2008

Nice photos, Mike. By the way the listener who called you up was my co-partner on my show this year.

Steven Acevedo aka Wilbury Steve

2. Mike Chimeri - October 22, 2008

So, that’s who that was. I’m sorry, but my mind was all over the place during that show. What was his name again? Either way, I appreciated his compliment. Tell him thank you again.

3. Alan Seltzer - October 22, 2008

You got it right, Mike. My official title is “Homecoming Coordinator”, but I’ve been called a few other things!

Your show–and the rest of the weekend–was wonderful this year. A couple of people on the Friends of WCWP board commented on the increase in preparation and creativity by alumni in general. Thanks!

4. Jay Mirabile - March 24, 2009

Mike this was very well done! Such a good recap of what always is an amazing day, perhaps my fav day of the year!

5. Mike Chimeri - March 24, 2009

Thank you very much, Jay.

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