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Quite a compliment July 14, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Media, Personal, Sports, TV.

Today, I left a few comments to a blog post on Alisyn Camerota’s (“Fox and Friends,” Fox News Channel) Greenroom blog.  Audra Floyd, Alisyn’s summer intern, posted while Alisyn is on vacation.  In one comment, I referred to my Saturday post on the passing of Tony Snow and Bobby Murcer:

[R]egarding Tony Snow, I was saddened when I heard he had passed away on Saturday.  I posted about him – as well as Bobby Murcer, who died of brain cancer on the same day – on my blog.  Click on my name to go there or click on the link below to see my post:

One of the regular commenters at the Greenroom blog was a man named Brad.  He left quite a compliment for me:

Mike C-
Awesome blog, it should be nominated for a Webby Award, just like this one )
I heard about Bobby M[u]rcer from a sports channel I was watching the other day. He was a legend in the NY Yankee organization. It’s really sad and tragic. God bless him and his family.

In the three months that this blog has existed (three months ago tomorrow), I never thought I would even be considered for a Webby Award.  I’m just a humble blogger.  It’s an honor just to be told The Mike Chimeri Blog should be nominated.  I thanked Brad in the comments to Audra’s post, but I’ll repeat the thanks here.  Thank you very much, Brad.

7/15, 2:30 PM UPDATE: I originally had video of two commercials Audra appeared in for motorcycle dealerships in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  But after a comment in today’s Greenroom blog post where I linked to this post was removed, I feel that, as I had feared last night, I overstepped my bounds.  So, I have removed the videos.  I am very sorry I gave Audra too much exposure.  I wish her the best in her future endeavors and wish Alisyn the best as she returns to “Fox and Friends Weekend.”

7/15, 4:40 PM UPDATE: I have decided to give up commenting at any Fox News blog.  I’m better off focusing my energy on other things.  I’m repeating myself, but I am very sorry for being a bother in any of the comment threads I’ve been a bother in.
Now, let’s get back to talking about jazz or any venues I’m going to.

7/18, 10:50 AM UPDATE: Today was Audra’s last day as an intern.  Again, best of luck to her.

7/18, 3:40 PM UPDATE: Oh, what the heck?  I’ll put them back.  If I get any complaints, I’ll take them down again.  Here’s the ad for Sunrise Honda in Searcy, Arkansas:

And the ad for Shawnee Honda in Shawnee, Oklahoma:

Let me know what you think.

7/25 UPDATE: On Tuesday, I had added video of Audra last Friday morning as she helped Steve Doocy with the weather, or the Foxcast.  I made the clip in RedLasso, which I had just joined the day before.  Unfortunately, access to the site has been suspended, likely forever as I don’t see that company ever reaching agreements with networks.  So, I have removed my clip.

7/26 UPDATE: I published my recording of the above to YouTube.  This is the first video I’ve ever uploaded there.

3/10/10 UPDATE: I’ve deleted the video from my YouTube account.  Sorry.



1. Brad - July 15, 2008

Hey Mike-

Thanks for posting my comment on your blog. It really means a lot to me. I appreciate all of your effort you put into this wonderful blog. Take care and God Bless.

2. Brad - July 15, 2008

And I don’t think Audra will mind you mentioning her name. Just be sure to give her credit for her computer skills.

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