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Tony Snow: 1955-2008; Bobby Murcer: 1946-2008 July 12, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Baseball, Media, Personal, Sports, TV.

Tony Snow in 1996; Courtesy FOXNews.com/AP

I didn’t wake up for the day until 1:30 this afternoon and didn’t have internet for a few hours because of a branch in the way of the cable wire to the house.  The problem wasn’t fixed about a half hour ago (it’s 4:48 as I post this).  Then, I checked my e-mail and was told by a friend on my private Topica discussion list that Tony Snow had died of colon cancer at the age of 53.  I immediately put on Fox News Channel to watch their coverage of his passing.

This is very sad news, but I could sense it was coming.  Among the many things I liked about Snow was he remained highly positive and upbeat to his final moments.  May God rest Tony Snow.

Mark Koldys, of the cable news discussion site Johnny Dollar’s Place, has posted several links to coverage of Snow’s passing here.

11:15 UPDATE (Picture and links updated on 7/14):

Bobby Murcer; Courtesy AP

Another great in his field lost his battle with cancer today: former Yankees player and play-by-play announcer Bobby Murcer died of brain cancer at the age of 62.  He, too, will be missed.



1. Linda Zappa - July 12, 2008

I am greatly saddened by the passing of Tony Snow. I had hoped and prayed he would beat his cancer. He leaves a void in his passing. His jovial nature, his love of jazz with his flute, his love for his children, wife and country will never be forgotten. Godspeed, Tony Snow.


2. Silver Fox - July 12, 2008

May God comfort and bless the family of Tony Snow.

“In many cases, a bout with sickness stretches your soul, opens your eyes, and introduces you to a world of unimagined grandeur, possibility and joy”.
Tony Snow

3. Gini - July 14, 2008

Hi Mike…I have added you to my fav’s. Didn’t know you had this interesting place to be also. Will continue to check your place out. Thanks a lot. And I join with, as we all mourn the loss of Tony Snow. Our world is a little dimmer for sure. 😦

4. Mike Chimeri - July 14, 2008

Thank you very much, Gini.

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