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Up and down feelings about Cablevision June 4, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Media, Personal, TV.

5 1/2 hours ago, I called Cablevision and asked a customer service representative if any new channels would be added within the next few weeks.  The rep said “no,” which resulted in me lashing out at her, venting my frustration that all my optimism for channels being added in the future was for nothing and that I hate Cablevision.  I then hung up, wrote a frustrated post here, and called DirecTV.  I told one of their reps what had just happened with the Cablevision rep.  I was seriously considering, on knee-jerk impulse, to get DirecTV for my room because they had so many channels that I wanted that Cablevision will [seemingly, at the time] never add.  I didn’t buy a package, though, wanting to go over with the idea with my parents.  My mom didn’t like the idea, saying it was a “frivolous” one.  My dad would probably feel the same way.

As time passed, my frustration wore off.  So, I deleted my frustrated post, called Cablevision back, spoke to a different rep, and apologized for lashing out.  This rep was more optimistic, said that the earlier rep shouldn’t have just said “no,” and filled out an inquiry on my behalf that I would like Fox Business Network added to the lineup.

Long story short, I’m not switching to DirecTV.  I’d like to, but I just can’t do it.  My patience with Cablevision can be tried at times, but I need to remain patient and, above all, calm.

So, I apologize to those of you that were here earlier and saw me so angry.  Don’t worry, that post is long gone.

11/19/09 UPDATE: FBN has finally come to Cablevision!



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