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One month ago… May 15, 2008

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One month ago today, this blog was born.  Let’s see what month two brings along.

Lots of pre-ordering today May 10, 2008

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After browsing the Upcoming Jazz Releases page at allaboutjazz.com, I just pre-ordered a whole mess of CDs:

Al Turner, “Movin'” (5/20)
Yellowjackets, “Lifecycle” (featuring Mike Stern) (5/20)
Wayman Tisdale, “Rebound” (6/3)
The Jeff Lorber Fusion, “The Jeff Lorber Fusion” (re-issue) (6/10)
The Jeff Lorber Fusion, “Soft Space” (re-issue) (6/10)
Gerald Albright, “Sax For Stax” (6/24)
Nick Colionne, “No Limits” (6/24)
Eric Darius, “Goin’ All Out” (6/24)

Last April, I bought the original “Jeff Lorber Fusion” and “Soft Space” LPs on eBay, thinking it would be ages before those albums would ever be released on CD.  When they came, I recorded the tracks on both from my turntable to my DAT (Digital Audio Tape) recorder.  Then, I recorded what was on the DAT to my computer as WAVE files, which I also saved as high-quality MP3s.  Now, they’re coming to CD on Wounded Bird Records.  Go figure.  At least the LP versions held me over for a year.

I pre-ordered David Benoit’s new album, “Heroes,” a week ago.  That comes out May 27.  Outside of that, I had no idea any of the other albums listed in this post were coming out.  But I know now and look forward to hearing them.

P.S. Still bored and lonely.

A cable-less, music-less post May 8, 2008

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Life has been pretty boring and lonely for me over the past 48 hours.  I don’t really have anything else to say other than that.  I just wanted to post something that doesn’t have to do with cable or music.

My latest Cablevision update May 6, 2008

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I got a notice in the mail from Cablevision that said the following:

In conjunction with continuously making technological improvements to our services, the following is important to review:
Digital cable boxes will be necessary by 6/3/08 for each television set in your home on which you wish to continue receiving TLC, A&E, E!, Sci-Fi Channel, truTV, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, C-SPAN2, QVC, and OTB/RAI (new channel location 74).
C-SPAN is now available to the Broadcast Basic level of service on channel 77.

I then called Cablevision to speak to another customer service rep.  I asked if this change coincides with the addition of new channels.  She said yes, but that won’t happen right away.  Here’s where the feelings got mixed: I told her about what the rep I spoke to last Wednesday told me about Time Warner and Cablevision working together to have the same channels.  She denied that.  So much for that theory.  However, she asked if there was a specific channel I was requesting.  Of course, I told her Fox Business Network (FBN).  She said hey were getting a lot of requests for FBN and BBC America.  She suggested I go to Cablevision’s suggestion box to make any requests, adding that all suggestions are taken seriously.

Here’s hoping I finally get the channels I want without having to switch to another provider.  Wish me and my fellow Cablevision subscribers luck.

UPDATE: I made my channel requests in the suggestion box.  The list included FBN, FBN HD, and FNC (Fox News Channel) HD.

7/3 UPDATE: Yesterday, Cablevision announced they will be adding 15 HD channels at the end of this month.  I posted about it here.

11/19/09 UPDATE: FBN has finally come to Cablevision!

David Sanborn concert recap May 4, 2008

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As I feared, there was no meet-and-greet after tonight’s (technically, last night’s; it’s after midnight as I post) David Sanborn concert at IMAC.  Initially, I was frustrated, but I’ve gradually gotten over it.

My seat was excellent.  It was in the left section, first row, aisle.  The band was comprised of David on alto saxophone; Ricky Peterson on keyboards, organ, and a vocal on “The Dream,” the encore of the night; Richard Patterson on bass; Nicky Moroch (“MorOCK”) on guitar; and Gene Lake on drums.  Besides “The Dream,” the set list was “Comin’ Home Baby,” “Full House,” “Maputo,” “Tin Tin Deo,” “As We Speak,” “Benny,” and “Soul Serenade.”  After “The Dream,” some of the crowd wanted another encore, but they didn’t get it.  It’s just as well.  I’ve been told that most single artist sets are 75 minutes, which is about how long the set was tonight.  I wasn’t complaining, though.

Overall, it was great to finally see David in concert, even if this ends up being the only time.

I took around 30 pictures (without the flash).  Here are the ones that stood out:

David Sanborn:

Ricky Peterson (the only shot I tried getting with his organ in the way):

Richard Patterson on two kinds of bass:

And Nicky Moroch:

Gene Lake was completely obstructed from my view.

Another Saturday, another concert May 3, 2008

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For the second Saturday in a row, I’m going to a concert.  This time, I’ll be seeing David Sanborn at IMAC (the Inter-Media Art Center) in Huntington, New York, 20 to 30 minutes northeast of me.  Hopefully, I’ll enjoy myself as I did last week.  If there’s a meet-and-greet following the concert, I’ll likely have a picture to share of me with him.  Just don’t expect a detailed recap like I had for Smooth Jazz for Scholars.

Last year, the same thing happened.  On April 28, I attended Smooth Jazz for Scholars, and one week later on May 5, I saw Bob James and Angels of Shanghai at IMAC.

For those of you not familiar with David Sanborn–and since my blog is intended to appeal to everyone, some of you may not be–his website is one of the Jazz Links listed on the left side of your screen below the Blogroll and Friends/Family.

Incidentally, Bob James and David Sanborn have worked together in the past.  David appeared on Bob’s “Heads” (1977), “Touchdown” (1978), “Lucky Seven” (1979), and “Foxie” (1983) albums.  And they released a collaborative album, “Double Vision,” in 1986.  (If I made any mistakes, let me know and I’ll correct myself.)