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David Sanborn concert recap May 4, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Personal.

As I feared, there was no meet-and-greet after tonight’s (technically, last night’s; it’s after midnight as I post) David Sanborn concert at IMAC.  Initially, I was frustrated, but I’ve gradually gotten over it.

My seat was excellent.  It was in the left section, first row, aisle.  The band was comprised of David on alto saxophone; Ricky Peterson on keyboards, organ, and a vocal on “The Dream,” the encore of the night; Richard Patterson on bass; Nicky Moroch (“MorOCK”) on guitar; and Gene Lake on drums.  Besides “The Dream,” the set list was “Comin’ Home Baby,” “Full House,” “Maputo,” “Tin Tin Deo,” “As We Speak,” “Benny,” and “Soul Serenade.”  After “The Dream,” some of the crowd wanted another encore, but they didn’t get it.  It’s just as well.  I’ve been told that most single artist sets are 75 minutes, which is about how long the set was tonight.  I wasn’t complaining, though.

Overall, it was great to finally see David in concert, even if this ends up being the only time.

I took around 30 pictures (without the flash).  Here are the ones that stood out:

David Sanborn:

Ricky Peterson (the only shot I tried getting with his organ in the way):

Richard Patterson on two kinds of bass:

And Nicky Moroch:

Gene Lake was completely obstructed from my view.



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