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Feeling better about Cablevision April 30, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Media, TV.

I just had a very positive call with a Cablevision customer service representative.

He explained to me that in New York City and on Long Island, Time Warner and Cablevision are working together.  And gradually, channels that Time Warner has that Cablevision does not have will be added to Cablevision; and vice versa.

He explained Cablevision is going through a year-long digital conversion/migration.  Slowly but surely, channels will be added.  In fact, the next stage of the conversion is next Friday, May 9.  Perhaps beginning that day, many channels will be added, including Fox Business Network (in SD and HD) and Fox News Channel HD, which launches tomorrow on Time Warner.

I haven’t felt this optimistic about Cablevision in a long time.  We’ll see what happens next Friday.



1. Cecelia - April 30, 2008

Good luck with getting your FBN, Mike!

2. lurkerlou - April 30, 2008

If you can get Fios I would make the change if I were you. It might even be cheaper. What kind of speeds are you getting on your internet in KBytes? I don’t remember how much I pay either $40 or $50 for speeds that are crazy. 2000+ KBytes plus their video quality is probably better then Cablevision.

I have Fios internet and phone but stuck with Time Warner cause Verizon still haven’t sealed the deal to carry TV in the NYC area.

Time Warner just added a bunch of HD channels today including the one I was waiting for FBN HD. Tomorrow we get FNC HD.

3. Mike Chimeri - April 30, 2008

I get 15 Mbps with Optimum Online and have no complaints. My only complaints with Cablevision are their marketing (those ads I talked about two weeks ago) and their lack of channels I want. But I have faith in them adding channels when the next stage of digital migration begins next week.

4. lurkerlou - April 30, 2008

That’s good enough. I think mine is 20Mbps. Well good luck with getting FBN but Newscorp signing a deal with Cablevision is huge news. Think it’s a done deal already? That would up FBN’s distro to 3-4 million homes.

5. Mike Chimeri - April 30, 2008

All I said is I’m hoping FBN is one of the channels added if more channels are added. I have no idea what’s going to happen.

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