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One week ago… April 23, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Media, Personal, TV.

…well, actually, one week and one day ago, I started this blog.  To all that have visited so far, thank you.  Keep checking back in.  There will be more posts to come.

P.S. Still no FBN (Fox Business Network) on Cablevision.  I’m about to call them again.  I know what’ll happen, but I’m doing it anyway.

UPDATE: Female customer service rep, after I requested that FBN be added: “I can submit the request [for FBN].  I’m not sure that’s going to happen [that the channel will ever be added], but…”  And then, I let out a frustrated sigh and hung up.  You know, maybe I should look into DirecTV.  It’ll be an extra $65 to $80 per month to spend, but with all the channels they have, it would be worth it.

11/19/09 UPDATE: FBN has finally come to Cablevision!



1. Jill - April 24, 2008

If you really have to have FBN and can find a way to afford it, I suggest DirecTV. I have it and love it. And I doubt your cable company will be adding FBN any time soon, or they’d be giving you a more definitive answer.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

2. Mike Chimeri - April 24, 2008

It turns out that the package I’m looking into is only $60 per month, at least for the first 12 months. If I got the Sports pack, it would be an additional $10, but I don’t need it at the present time. Regional sports channels do not require the Sports pack.

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