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My Christmas music playlist December 24, 2018

Posted by Mike C. in Christmas, Jazz, Music, Personal.

In the past (here and here), I’ve talked about my collection of jazz and new age Christmas albums. I’ve continued to add as new albums come out or I rediscover songs on the albums I already have.

The time has come to share what songs are currently in my Christmas music playlist, which I curated in iTunes. There are 329 songs combining for 21 hours, 26 minutes, and 52 seconds of listening. Here is the playlist, over 14 screencaps (click on them for full size):

I usually listen to the playlist twice. The first pass took me a few weeks. The second pass should be quicker since I’ll be playing it at a Christmas Eve party and at home on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good listen.

10:15 AM UPDATE: I duplicated the playlist so it would appear in a different form. That way, you can see full titles and artist names. Rather than take screencaps again, I made a video recording, set to “Snow Bells” by Ficara:

The parenthetical “MC Edit” and “remastered” mean I edited the files in Adobe Audition. The edits involved removing the first few seconds of a song, fading out the end of a song that led into the next track on the original album, or improving the sound quality.



1. Diane Roth - January 4, 2019

Hi mike, was wondering…do you know when the smooth jazz for scholars will be held this year?
If you could answer tonight, it would be most appreciated. Thanks.I


Mike C. - January 4, 2019

Based on Jessy J’s tour schedule, it’ll be on April 26 and 27. Jay Rowe hasn’t given any details yet himself, so I’m otherwise as much in the dark as you are.

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