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The rest of winter March 27, 2016

Posted by Mike C. in Personal, Photography, Weather.

Other than that big blizzard on January 23, it was a relatively quiet winter. Thanks, El Niño.

Now that spring is upon us and the last wet snowflake has melted, let’s look at pictures from three of the last six snow events of the winter.

February 5, nearly a foot of wet snow:
9:05 AM:

10:20 AM:

11:30 AM:

1:31 PM, before shoveling:

2:26 PM, after shoveling:

Unfortunately, the wind shook the wet snow off the trees and bushes, undoing part of the shoveling my sister and I had done.

The last time I had to shovel in the winter was a few days later after an inch of snow fell. Mother nature did the work for me the following Monday night and Tuesday. A few inches of snow that had fallen on President’s Day afternoon was washed away by rain and mild temperatures.

March 4, a coating of wet snow:
9:26 AM:

March 21, two inches of wet snow:
7:42 AM:


All the snow in those two pictures melted away by afternoon. Until late fall…



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