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How I spent July August 3, 2015

Posted by Mike C. in Personal.

It’s been a month since my last post. I didn’t attend any concerts and couldn’t think of anything to write…until now.

Here are some highlights from July 2015:

July 9: I helped my father Bill bring three old CRT TVs to the curb for pickup the following morning:




We had been meaning to get rid of those TVs for a long time. Dad and I were glad we finally did.

July 11: I attended my friends’ Mike and Laurie’s eldest daughter Elle’s 4th birthday party. Here’s the dessert spread:

Elle officially turned 4 on July 13.

July 16: I spent the afternoon visiting my cousin Samantha and her eight-month-old daughter Antonia. In the evening, I went to a Mexican restaurant in North Wantagh to celebrate my sister Lauren’s birthday. There was Carvel ice cream cake waiting for us at home:

July 18: Birthday week concluded with family friend Rick’s 60th birthday party. There were three birthday cakes: a yellow cake, a chocolate cake, and a strawberry cake:

July 29: 2 1/2 weeks of watching what I eat, but not starving myself, allowed me to reach my lowest weight in 20 years: 132.6 pounds. It was down 100.8 from my peak on January 2, 2007, of 233.4 pounds. I doubt I’ll stay that low, but as long as I’m below 145, I’ll be satisfied.

I hope to have more to write about this month. If not, I’ll whip up another post like this early in September.



1. George Chapogas - August 3, 2015

i am jealous Don Skinny.

2. Mike C. - August 3, 2015

It wasn’t easy losing the weight, and keeping it off is just as hard. I originally lost 99.4 pounds by March 2008, then the weight crept back up to 173 by August 2013. That’s when my latest weight loss/maintenance began.

3. George Chapogas - August 3, 2015

keeping it off is harder than losing. i gave up at 190, i ate everything i wanted and hit 280. no fun, but losing is just too much hassle. good job. i was big anyway, 190 is skinny for me, but 280 is stupid. although all the kids like to rub my tummy, they think a genie will appear.

GC &Tomaza - October 17, 2015

i have never used facebook. in one week we open our business. food to go and sales in a farmers market. here is my wife Tomaza’s facebook page. set up today. i do not really understand much about it. suggestions and advice welcome. thanks,
george AKA gcblues


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