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Walking through Grand Central Terminal June 8, 2013

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Music, Personal, Photography, Travel.

In the late morning and early afternoon of Friday, April 26, I made the long journey from my home in Wantagh to Milford, Connecticut for the this year’s Smooth Jazz for Scholars concert (night 1, night 2).  After walking from Penn Station to Grand Central Terminal, I took the following pictures while waiting for my Metro-North train to Milford:









The next step was buying a round-trip ticket.  Then, I bought a couple of snacks at Rite Aid and made my way to my train’s track.



From here, it was on to Milford.

When I headed home on Sunday, I opted not to walk from GCT to Penn.  Instead, I took the 7 train to Woodside-61st Street and waited for a Babylon-bound LIRR train.  I had been on enough trains on that branch that I assumed Woodside was a regular stop.  But it wasn’t this time.  I had to board a Ronkonkoma train and change at Jamaica.  The Babylon train at Jamaica arrived on the same track as the Ronkonkoma train.  There was a short delay in Baldwin, but I eventually made it back to Wantagh and wound down at home.



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