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David Benoit at Iridium recap October 25, 2012

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Music, Personal, Photography, Travel.

I was at The Iridium last night to see pianist and conductor David Benoit in concert.  I hadn’t seen him since his show at Tarrytown Music Hall in May 2010.

It was a cloudy and damp night outside, but the sun shined on The Iridium’s stage.

On the way to Penn Station, I shot this picture as the LIRR train I was on passed over the Van Wyck Expressway (Interstate 678):

David was at The Iridium for two nights with two sets per night.  I was at the first night’s first set.

David was joined by another David, David Hughes, on bass:

…and Jamey Tate on drums:

1. Beat Street
Originally heard on: “Full Circle,” 2006

2. Botswana Bossa Nova
Originally heard on: “Earthglow,” 2010

3. Will’s Chill
Originally heard on: “Earthglow,” 2010

4. Napa Crossroads Overture
Originally heard on: “Conversation,” 2012

5. Feelin’ It
Originally heard on: “Conversation,” 2012

6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Originally heard on: “Conversation,” 2012

7. Sunrise On Mansion Row
Originally heard on: “Conversation,” 2012

8. Kei’s Song Redux
Originally heard on: “Conversation,” 2012

9. Every Step of the Way
Originally heard on: “Every Step of the Way,” 1988

10. Waltz for Debby (Bill Evans cover)
Originally heard on: “This Side Up,” 1985; “Heroes,” 2008
The latter arrangement was played.

11. Dad’s Room
Originally heard on: “Professional Dreamer,” 1999

12. Freedom at Midnight
Originally heard on: “Freedom at Midnight,” 1987
I kept waiting for “Moonlight Sonata,” but this wasn’t “The Schroeder Variations” version on “Earthglow.”

13. Q’s Motif
Originally heard on: “Conversation,” 2012
The tempo was slightly faster than the album version.

14 (Encore 1). Carmel (audience request)
Originally heard on: “Shaken Not Stirred,” 1994

15 (Encore 2). Linus and Lucy
Originally heard on: “This Side Up,” 1985; “Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown!,” 1989; “Here’s To You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years!,” 2000

“Electric guitar” keyboard solo on “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”:

David H. and Jamey’s “Q’s Motif” call and response:

Acknowledging the crowd at the end of the set:

Me and David after the set:

Listening to David Benoit, whether on an album or in concert, is a heavenly experience for me.  I’m into every note and every measure.  I usually know what the song is without David telling the audience what it is.  Last night wasn’t any different.  Thanks to David B., David H., and Jamey for a thrilling set.



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