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Travel pictures June 13, 2012

Posted by Mike C. in Personal, Photography, Travel.

This post contains pictures that I haven’t put in a post at this website before.  Most go back to before it began in April 2008.  The pics were taken during my travels: on interstate highways, parkways, state roads, county roads, city streets, from a cruise ship, and in a parking lot.

We’ll begin in Pennsylvania and New Jersey on May 16, 2005, leaving Penn State University the day after that year’s commencement ceremony.  (My sister received her Bachelor’s degree in marketing.)

U.S. 322 west:

U.S. 220 north:

I-80 east:

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania is not related to the actual Jersey Shore, nor anywhere near it.

In New Jersey:

I-95 approaching the inbound George Washington Bridge:

Our next stop is Connecticut on the Merritt/Wilbur Cross Parkway.

Northbound on March 28, 2004:

Southbound on December 10, 2010:

It’s off to Florida for the next set of pictures.  We’ll start in South Florida.

April 7, 2004: I-75 south:

I-75’s southern terminus, and State Road 924 (Gratigny Parkway):

According to the Google Maps street view, this is how the above interchange looked seven years later:

Downtown Miami, viewed from a parking garage near American Airlines Arena:

April 9, 2004: State Road 869 (Sawgrass Expressway) approaching I-595:

I-595 east:

August 29, 2006: I-95 north, approaching Palm Beach International Airport:

The above pic was taken at 6:16 AM, just before sunrise.

I-95 south two days earlier, on August 27:

Then-State Road 782 (Linton Boulevard) west, approaching I-95:

Linton was re-designated as Palm Beach County Road 782, but as of today, either it’s an unsigned route or that designation was also removed.

We head northwest to the Tampa Bay Area for the next few pics.

October 27, 2006: State Road 60 west:

U.S. 19 north:

October 30, 2006: Pinellas County Road 611 south:

State Road 60 east:

That leaves us with New York.  The first set of New York pics are from Manhattan, then the Bronx, and Westchester and Nassau counties.

April 27, 1999:

July 8, 2002: Embarking on a five-day cruise to and from the Canadian Maritimes:

November 7, 2003: State Route 9A (West Side Highway) south:

December 5, 1999: A view of two bridges from the southbound FDR Drive.

Manhattan Bridge:

Brooklyn Bridge:

November 17, 2006:

Back to May 16, 2005: I-95 north at I-295‘s northern terminus:

March 28, 2004: Hutchinson River Parkway north:

May 10, 2001: State Routes 107 and 106 splitting up in Hicksville, the southern terminus of their 1.51 mile concurrency:

The last picture of this post was taken on August 22, 2004, on a boat, just below the Loop Parkway‘s eastern terminus at the Meadowbrook State Parkway:

And with that, this website’s photographic loose ends have been tied up.

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