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Eric Marienthal/Jazzaphonic concert recap March 23, 2011

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Music, Personal.

Eric Marienthal came to the Boulton Center in Bay Shore last night for a masterclass (“bring your instrument”) and concert.  This is a photo recap of the concert.

Eric was backed up by the band Jazzaphonic.  Jazzaphonic was made up of Bill Heller on the keyboard:

Steve Salerno on guitar:

Jim Cammack on the electric bass…

…and acoustic bass:

And Frank Bellucci on drums:

1. Hangin’ On The Boardwalk
Originally heard on: “Turn Up The Heat,” 2001

2. Blue Water
Originally heard on: “Just Around The Corner,” 2007

3. Oasis
Originally heard on: “Oasis,” 1991

4. Down and Loaded (Jazzaphonic, written by Bill Heller)

5. New York State Of Mind
Originally heard on: “Got You Covered!,” 2005

6. Safrica (Jazzaphonic, written by Steve Salerno)

7. Moody’s Mood For Love
Originally heard on: “Got You Covered!,” 2005

8. Latinesque (Jazzaphonic, written by Bill Heller)

9. Compared To What
Originally heard on: “Got You Covered!,” 2005

Encore 1. Bill’s Bop (Jazzaphonic, written by Bill Heller)

Eric switched to the soprano sax for “Oasis”:

Wayne Schuster played soprano sax to Eric’s alto on “Safrica”:

Frank’s drum solo:

Call and response:

Steve’s guitar solo on “Latinesque”:

Followed by Jim’s bass solo:

“Compared To What”:

That was followed by an encore: “Bill’s Bop.”

The end:

Before I left, I briefly caught up with Eric and our mutual friend Kat Sarracco, whom I sat with during the concert, took our picture:

This concert was a blast!  Thanks to Eric, Bill, Steve, Jim, Frank, and Wayne.

3/26 UPDATE: Eric’s concert was on a day off from touring with the Jeff Lorber Fusion.  Wednesday and Thursday nights, Fusion played at Iridium.  Katherine Gilraine saw them Thursday night.  In her recap, she lauded Eric:

His own material shows it best; he knows his horns. He knows his soprano sax and does not have to do much to get to the sound as he wants. High notes – effortless. Low growls on the alto or tenor – no problem. There is no effort whatsoever needed for Marienthal to rock out with a solo, or accent with a lick or two, and he can stand out just as easily as he blends into the overall sound.

Read the full recap here.


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