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Post-Christmas 2010 Blizzard December 31, 2010

Posted by Mike C. in News, Personal, Weather.

The last week of 2010 began with a blast for the East Coast.  A powerful blizzard/Nor’easter socked us with howling winds and 1 to 3 feet of snow.  Winds gusted as high as around 50 miles per hour, which left me worried that I would lose power like I did during the March Nor’easter.  But somehow, it stayed on.

I couldn’t find a snowfall total for Wantagh.  So, I averaged the totals for Bellmore to the west, 10 inches, and Seaford to the east, 15.5 inches.  That gave me 12.75 inches.

Below are pictures from Sunday, the day the blizzard began, and the three days of shoveling that followed.

Sunday, December 26:
Watched the snow fall, listened to the wind (impossible to miss), hoped the power stayed on:

Monday, December 27:
Shoveled the driveway from curb to front porch (with help from my sister and mom), left side of house:

Tuesday, December 28:
Shoveled a path from the front yard to the back yard patio:

Wednesday, December 29:
Shoveled the sidewalk, path linking driveway center to sidewalk, opening for a car to be parked in the street:

Winter is only a week old and we’ve already had a major storm.  What else does this season have in store?  We’ll find out in the weeks ahead.

For the New York City perspective on this blizzard, read Katherine Gilraine’s blog.



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