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Peter White Christmas 2010 at B.B. King’s December 5, 2010

Posted by Mike C. in Internet, Jazz, Music, Personal.

Last night, Peter White took his annual Peter White Christmas tour to B.B. King’s in New York City.  Unfortunately, I was not there, but my friend Katherine Gilraine was:

… Now, here’s an interesting factoid: despite my atheism, I rather like Christmas music, especially Christmas music done right. So naturally, where would I be today but with Peter White, Mindi Abair and Rick Braun for the Christmas special?

The first show, the one that I had my ticket for way in advance – since before the Big Cruise, mind! – was sold out. How I got the seat right next to the stage, I will never know, but you cannot beat that view. And what is first but Rick opening up with Little Drummer Boy? Muted trumpet, brushes on the snare – a light, simple-but-classic take on this holiday favorite. And soon enough, Peter and Mindi come on up as well and the rest of the band, standing by, joins in as well, turning an easygoing tune into something rousing.

You know, seeing that trio on stage together is something interesting, considering the stylistics. Rick Braun is almost old-school in his handling of the trumpet – and he handles it to perfection. Peter White is deceptively straightlaced, and is immensely playful when he’s on stage. Mindi – all attitude, sharp and energetic. But put them together, and the creativity on stage is infectious. …

Read the full recap here.

The last time I saw Peter White Christmas was in 2008 at IMAC.  You can check out my recap of that show here.



1. Katherine Gilraine - December 6, 2010

Mike!!! Great seeing you tonight. Sorry I had to run off; I have a piled to-do list. But in any case, thank you muchly for linking this!


2. Mike C. - December 6, 2010

It’s okay, Kat. It was great to see you, too. And you’re very welcome.

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