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Another post about Cablevision after all July 3, 2008

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I know that I said a few weeks ago I would no longer post about Cablevision and what channels they should add but haven’t added yet.  But today at Johnny Dollar’s Place, I learned some very positive news.  There was a link to an online article from the staff at Broadcasting & Cable that said Cablevision will be adding 15 HD channels at the end of the month:

The new HD channels include Nickelodeon, WE tv, AMC, Animal Planet, The Weather Channel, Travel Channel, Fox News Channel, Discovery Channel, Hallmark Movie Channel and FX.  They will come online over five days starting July 28.

Cablevision’s press release says “The full list of new HD channels will be announced when the services become available later this month.”  There are still five channels we don’t know about.  Maybe ESPNEWS HD is among them.  And maybe Fox Business Network will finally be added in HD and SD simultaneously.  We’ll see what happens later this month.

7/5 UPDATE: Please disregard the automatically generated possibly related post that’s titled “I give up with Cablevision!”  I have no idea why it shows up or why you can still read the text of it in the RSS preview.  I’m sorry it’s even there.  Five hours after I wrote that, I was all calmed down, deleted it, and wrote this post in its place.

David Benoit interviewed for SmoothViews July 1, 2008

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In this month’s issue of the online magazine “SmoothViews” is an interview Bonnie Schendell conducted with David Benoit to promote his latest album “Heroes.”  I posted about the album back on May 29 (late night May 28).

In my days at WCWP, I conducted four interviews of my own with David, which can be found here.  I’d interview him now, but I’m out of radio and don’t have a good telephone hybrid to conduct the interview from home for this blog.  If anyone knows where I can find a Gentner Telehybrid for sale, you have one to sell, or you know someone that will sell, please leave a comment.  The rest of you are also free to leave comments.

Commerce Bank Championship July 1, 2008

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On Sunday, I attended the final round of the Champions Tour’s Commerce Bank Championship at Eisenhower Park Red [Golf] Course in East Meadow, New York.  This was the third year in a row I attended.  Each year, I showed up a few times in the background of a camera shot during the Golf Channel’s telecast.  The previous two years, I sat in the bleachers by the 18th green, watching the last 10 groups (approximately) finish their rounds and then watch the trophy presentation.  This time, I stood by the fairway at 18 until the last three groups.  After that, I stood by the green until the trophy presentation.  As eventual champion Loren Roberts was lining up for a putt, this is what you saw on the HD telecast (I’ve highlighted myself):
Mike Chimeri in the background in HD
I had a vidcap, but got a better shot from my digital camera off my TV.

I also appeared in a wider crowd shot as David Eger (“Eager”) had a tap-in putt:
Mike Chimeri in background again

Here’s the same picture cropped:
Mike Chimeri in background again

I could be seen in HD and SD in that shot.  Eger took the lead from Roberts early in the round, but faded after the 11th hole.

For the record, Scott Simpson was also in that final group.

“Newsday” reported that this may have been the last Commerce Bank Championship after 22 tournaments.  If that’s the case, it went out on a high note.  And I don’t mean because I was in crowd shots.

7/2 UPDATE: I’m surprised at how many golf blogs are linking to this post.  Thank you for the publicity.  Feel free to check out the rest of my blog.

7/22 UPDATE: I think it was only two blogs, but still, thank you.

11/6 UPDATE: Last Friday, October 31, Commerce Bank was renamed TD Bank.