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Acoustic Alchemy concert recap June 22, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Music, Personal.

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Earlier tonight, I attended Acoustic Alchemy’s concert at IMAC.  I sat in the first row of the Center Right section’s odd number seats.  The theater’s audio mixing board was a few feet ahead to my left.

The set list included:
“Get Up (Levantar y Bailar)”
“Jamaica Heartbeat”
“Out of Nowhere”
“Big Sky Country”
“Carlos the King”
“Ariane” (last song before intermission)
“Tied Up with String”
“She Speaks American/English”
“Tuff Puzzle”
“Lazeez” (encore)

I took 129 pictures during the concert.  Here are the ones that stood out:

Greg Carmichael:

Miles Gilderdale on acoustic guitar…

and electric guitar:

Fred White on keyboards:

Gary Grainger on bass…

…and younger brother Greg Grainger on drums:

Miles and Greg C. in the final measure of “Lazeez”:

And the band taking a bow (or, at least, about to):

It was an excellent show!

Afterward, my friend Kat Sarracco took this picture:

Standing left to right: Greg Carmichael, Miles Gilderdale, Mike Chimeri; Sitting left to right: Gary Grainger, Greg Grainger, Fred White

This was my first Acoustic Alchemy concert, but I guarantee it won’t be the last.

6/29 UPDATE: Kat has added my pictures of Miles Gilderdale (on electric guitar) and Fred White to the 2008 Fan Photo Gallery on the official Acoustic Alchemy site.

7/14 UPDATE: My picture with the band is part of the recently added 2008 Fan Archive.


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Awesome pictures–looks like it was a great concert!

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