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…and we’re off! April 15, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Media, Personal, Radio.

MikeChimeri.com’s “News From Mike” has been updated to refer people here.  So, we are finally ready to start this blog.  Here’s the first worthy post:

I recorded my third demo Friday afternoon at WCWP.  I edited it at home on Saturday, and edited and prepared the scoped version on Sunday.  I’m not going to share the audio yet, but I may in the next few days.

Let me know what you think of the blog so far.  It’s in its infancy right now, but it will gradually grow and improve.

By the way, many of the names in Jazz Links and some of the names in the Blogroll are people I interviewed for “The Mike Chimeri Show.”  Go here (5/22/12 LINK UPDATE) to hear those interviews.



1. Jill Day - April 15, 2008

Glad to see you’re back broadcasting again–best of luck and you’ve got a nice blog here!

2. johnny dollar - April 16, 2008

Congrats and good luck on your BlogLaunch!

3. Mike Chimeri - April 16, 2008

Thank you, both of you.

4. Janet Hawkins - April 25, 2008

Mike, this looks very impressive to me.

It sounds like you are juggling a quite a few balls at one time.

Good luck!


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