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My 2016 MLB Predictions April 3, 2016

Posted by Mike C. in Baseball, Personal, Sports.

Previous MLB season predictions: 2015

(12/21/16 UPDATE: Results italicized in parentheses.)

The 2016 Major League Baseball season begins today. That means it’s time for my annual preseason predictions.

NL (National League) East

  1. Nationals (3) (2)
  2. Mets (Wild Card 1)
  3. Phillies (finished 4th)
  4. Braves (finished 5th)
  5. Marlins (finished 3rd)

NL Central

  1. Cardinals (1) (missed playoffs, finished 2nd)
  2. Cubs (Wild Card 1) (won division, 1 seed)
  3. Pirates
  4. Reds (finished 5th)
  5. Brewers (finished 4th)

NL West

  1. Giants (2) (Wild Card 2, finished 2nd)
  2. Dodgers (Wild Card 2) (won division, 3 seed)
  3. Diamondbacks (finished 4th)
  4. Padres (finished 5th)
  5. Rockies (finished 3rd)

AL (American League) East

  1. Red Sox (2) (3)
  2. Yankees (Wild Card 1) (missed playoffs, finished 4th)
  3. Blue Jays (Wild Card 2) (Wild Card 1, finished 2nd)
  4. Orioles (Wild Card 2, finished 3rd)
  5. Rays

AL Central

  1. Royals (1) (missed playoffs, finished 3rd)
  2. Tigers
  3. Indians (won division, 2 seed)
  4. White Sox
  5. Twins

AL West

  1. Astros (3) (missed playoffs, finished 3rd)
  2. Angels (finished 4th)
  3. Rangers (won division, 1 seed)
  4. Mariners (finished 2nd)
  5. Athletics

Playoff predictions:
NL Wild Card Playoff

Cubs defeat Dodgers (Giants defeat Mets)

AL Wild Card Playoff
Blue Jays defeat Yankees (Blue Jays defeat Orioles)

NL Division Series
Cardinals vs. Cubs: Cardinals win 3-0 (Cubs vs. Giants: Cubs win 3-1)
Giants vs. Nationals: Giants win 3-2 (Nationals vs. Dodgers: Dodgers win 3-2)

AL Division Series
Royals vs. Blue Jays: Royals win 3-0 (Rangers vs. Blue Jays: Blue Jays win 3-0)
Red Sox vs. Astros: Red Sox win 3-1 (Indians vs. Red Sox: Indians win 3-0)

NL Championship Series
Cardinals vs. Giants: Cards win 4-2 (Cubs vs. Dodgers: Cubs win 4-2)

AL Championship Series
Royals vs. Red Sox: Royals win 4-1 (Indians vs. Blue Jays: Indians win 4-1)

World Series (AL home field advantage via All-Star Game win) (home field correct; last time decided by All-Star Game; new Collective Bargaining Agreement says team with better record gets home field)
Cardinals vs. Royals: Cardinals win 4-2 (Indians vs. Cubs: Cubs win 4-3)

As you can see, I predict the two teams I don’t like will square off in the World Series for the first time since 1985. But unlike the last time, the team I’ve disliked longer, the Cardinals (since 2006) will prevail. (A classic World Series played out between the Indians and Cubs, both vying to end long championship droughts. The Indians hadn’t won the World Series since 1948; the Cubs hadn’t since 1908. The longer drought was busted as the Cubs prevailed, in spite of blowing a four-run lead in regulation in Game 7, then almost blowing a two-run lead in the bottom of the 10th inning after going ahead in the top of the inning. There was joy in Wrigleyville as, to quote Joe Buck on FOX, “the Cubs…have finally won it all!”. Hallelujah.)

I’m a pessimistic Mets fan, so it’s only fitting that I have them missing the playoffs. I was generous enough to predict second place, but not a Wild Card spot. (They ended up with the first Wild Card spot, but lost late in the game to the Giants. I didn’t watch, but I was disappointed. The fact the Cubs eliminated the Giants in the NLDS eased the disappointment.)

(I’ve decided to give up public preseason predictions for the MLB and NFL. Thanks for reading what I’ve posted.)



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