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Wantagh HS Class of 1999 10-year Reunion August 20, 2009

Posted by Mike C. in Personal.

20-year reunion recap

Updated on 7/1/19 with group photos.

Last Friday night, my graduating high school class, Wantagh High School Class of 1999, held a mini-reunion (pre-reunion, Reunion Part 1, etc.) at the Johnny Malone’s bar, a few blocks north of the school. It was great to catch up with my fellow alumni. The same can be said for the main reunion Saturday afternoon.

Saturday’s reunion was at Lido Beach Town Park in and around Mushroom dome #9.

It was so much fun. Now, I want to hang out with them all the time.

Thank you very much to Katelyn Brucia, Lisa Leone, and Sharon Oliveri for putting the reunion together. You all did a fantastic job.

7/1/19 UPDATE: Tomorrow, I’m posting a recap of the 20-year reunion at Mulcahy’s. I was granted permission to include all the photos that I posted to Facebook. Therefore, I’ve decided to update this post with all group photos:

From left to right (maiden names): Erika Lewis, Dave Bauer, Dave Gross, Mike Sereno, Steve Hirsch, Meg Stone, Greg Hoffman, Helayne Hashmall, Randi Berman, John Prussack, James Walsh, T.J. Penzone, Kristine John, Amanda Kavner, Marissa Benigno, Alyssa M., Paul McNamara, Amy Vassallo, Mike Chimeri, Helen Liotta, Kristen Garcia, Jen Mauro, Dara Schmidt, Laura Grasso, Tammy Udelson, Brad Schwartz, Frieda Fung, Gina LoBello, Matt Bresler, Lisa Leone, Ilyse Leibowitz, Sharon Oliveri, Cheryl Wynne, Joe McCaffrey, Katelyn Brucia, Ruth Ann Demeri, Trisha Kingsbury, Barbara Blum, Kristen Hamilton, Liz Napoli

Melissa Procida and Dana Smith were also there, but not in the group photos.



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