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One year later… April 17, 2009

Posted by Mike C. in Internet, Personal.

I can’t believe it took me two days to remember that one year ago Wednesday, April 15, The Mike Chimeri Blog was born.  This blog has become the place to read about what goes on in my life.

I’m sorry that there have been long lulls between posts lately, but I’ll have plenty to post about in the coming days and weeks.  Stay tuned.



1. Sunny Mary - April 18, 2009

Hi, Mike.
You may remember me from the O’Reilly site [Sunny Mary].
I am trying to learn how to twitter, but am not having much luck.
I don’t know how to post a comment in a person’s blog, or how to upload my picture.
I’m just computer illiterate I guess.

2. Mike Chimeri - April 18, 2009

Yes, I remember you, Mary. We even exchanged e-mails at one point last year. Though I follow some people on Twitter, I rarely post to it (or I rarely tweet). Comments to this blog are moderated, but I put them up as soon as I approve them.
Don’t worry about your computer skills. You’re doing fine to me.

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