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Scanning complete! January 28, 2009

Posted by Mike C. in Personal, Pets, Photography.

On Saturday, I finished scanning all my old photo album pictures.  After making a backup data DVD of all the files, four weeks of hard work were complete.

Sunday night through tonight (Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning), I separated all the pictures (after copying and pasting them) into different folders by year and date in the year.  For example, there was a “1998” folder which featured “4-24-98” and “7-13-98” subfolders.

Then, I copied and pasted any pictures of my late male Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Cocoa, to the “Cocoa Memorial Folder” that I created two years ago after he was put to sleep.  (That day and the days and weeks that followed were hard on me and my family.)

It was quite a trip down memory lane with all the pictures I scanned.  I went from April 1982 to New Year’s Eve 1991 to July 1994 and all the way to September 2004.

Before going digital in October ’04, I had three different 35mm (millimeter) cameras, plus an additional camera that wasn’t mine.  The first one was a Minolta F10.  I got it in October 1994.   The downside to it was the lack of a zoom.  My second camera, which I got in 1997, was an Olympus Accura Zoom 105.  As you can tell by the name, that one did have zoom capabilities.  When it stopped working, I used a Canon Rebel G (I don’t remember the exact model) that featured a regular lens and a telephoto lens.  That camera was my father’s.  I switched from that and the Olympus in ’99 and 2000 for any sporting events I went to.  In December 2000, I got a Nikon.  I don’t remember the exact model for that either because I lost it.  What I liked about this one was the datestamp.  By the way, it also had a zoom.  Though I lost the Nikon, I still have the Minolta F10 and Olympus Accura stowed away in one of my dresser drawers.  I guess I keep them for sentimental value.

My next post will come when this blog crosses the 5,000 view mark, which should happen any hour now.



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