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Ken Navarro interview editing process progress October 7, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Personal, Radio.

And no, the above title is not a typo.

It took me three nights and three days, but I have finally completed editing my alumni show interview with Ken Navarro.  It’s 30:34.030 long.  The next step will be inserting excerpts where necessary from “The Grace of Summer Light,” plus “Lakes,” the studio and live recordings of “Try Again,” and a few songs from other artists I mentioned in the interview.

And after that, then I can finally make the playlist for next Saturday’s show on WCWP.  (I can’t believe it’s next week already!)

10/8, 4:20 PM UPDATE: I’ve completed that next step and now I’m completely 100% finished with the editing process.  The interview will air in two parts.  Part one is about 16 1/2 minutes; part two is about 18 minutes.


1. asADSAD@SDGSDFSDF.COM - October 8, 2008

[This comment had nothing to do with my post. I just wanted you all to see what I’ve had to put up with in moderation since late August. Every one of this person’s comments under their various monikers has been deleted. For the mere fact that I regularly comment at Johnny Dollar’s Place and Olbermann Watch, I have been pestered by this unstable individual that fervertly disagrees with me and wants to shut me, and anyone that thinks like me, up. Go figure.]

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