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South Florida bound September 26, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Personal.

I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon for South Florida.  My parents, sister, and I are flying out of Long Island Macarthur Airport for Palm Beach International Airport.  Then it’s off to Boynton Beach, where I’ll be staying with my grandparents.

Tuesday is my grandfather’s 80th birthday, and my parents, sister, and I are coming down to celebrate.  I’ll be seeing plenty of relatives, including my aunt, uncle, cousins, and other aunt.  I’ll find out whom when I arrive late tomorrow afternoon…if my flight isn’t delayed by heavy rain here on Long Island. (9/27 UPDATE: It was delayed, but only 15 minutes, and we landed on time.)

I’ll try to blog while I’m down there, but if I can’t, I’ll try to post some kind of recap when I return.  Meanwhile, here’s a picture I took (during my August 2006 trip) at the pool near my grandparents’ house:

9:37 PM UPDATE: I wanted to bring my laptop with me, but I’ve decided it’s best that I don’t.  If I need to, I’ll use my grandparents’ computer.  Maybe on my next vacation to wherever, I’ll bring it.

9/27, 8:18 PM UPDATE: I’ll hold off on blogging until I return.  See you Wednesday.


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