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Now on Twitter! September 19, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Personal.

I joined Twitter a month or so ago.  I haven’t posted anything on there yet (I’m with enough sites as it is), but I will immediately after I publish this post.  Here’s my Twitter page.


1. Puck30 - September 25, 2008

Shows you how out of the loop I am these days. What’s a twitter? I’m not going to feel that bad about it. I’m sure 85% of Pennsylvania doesn’t know either.

Out here if you ask “got a Blackberry?”, most folks say “no, but try the farm down the street.”

2. Mike Chimeri - September 25, 2008

According to Merriam-Webster, twitter, in verb form, means to chirp. Twitter is a social networking site where people leave short text-based posts that are at most 140 characters (words, numbers, punctuation marks, spaces) long. I’ve only left a few short posts, or “Tweets,” so far. I still prefer this blog and Facebook over Twitter.
But Puck, I’m so glad you commented because you’re the first comment in a month that I haven’t had to delete.

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