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SJFS recap April 29, 2008

Posted by Mike C. in Jazz, Personal.

2008 meet-and-greet

I left for Milford at 12PM Saturday and arrived at the Hampton Inn an hour and a half later.  My room was on the first floor, where many of the musicians performing at Smooth Jazz for Scholars that night.  As I was walking to my room, I heard Eric Marienthal practicing two rooms down from me.

The hotel had two computers in the lobby connected to Wi-Fi internet.  Unfortunately, the connection was shoddy at best and my attempts to blog from there were futile.

Here was the view from my room this year:
View from my room

I had dinner delivered from a nearby pizzeria.  I ordered fried mozzarella (mozzarella sticks) and baked ziti with meatballs.  The order came with a side of garlic bread.  As I waited for the delivery, I listened to Ken Navarro’s brand new album “The Grace of Summer Light,” which Ken gave me my copy of earlier in the lobby.  (The CD is a masterpiece, by the way!)

After 40 minutes of eating the delicious food, I brushed my teeth, packed my equipment, and walked 1.3 miles to the Parsons auditorium.  You saw a picture in my previous posting as I was leaving the Hampton Inn.  Here are more pictures from my walk:

Plains Rd./Boston Post Rd. (U.S. 1)
Plains Rd./Boston Post Rd. (U.S. 1) intersection.

High St./W. Main St.
Plains Rd. becomes W. Main St. after U.S. 1.

Almost there…
Auditorium parking lot

Auditorium wide view

In we go…
Auditorium entrance

My friend, Kat Sarracco (center), working the merchandise table.

To set the stage (so to speak), here’s the empty stage:

Kevin McCabe of JumpstartJazz Productions welcomes the audience and introduces Jay Rowe, the man behind Smooth Jazz for Scholars.

Jay’s ready to go and so is the audience…and so are you, I bet.

The house band featured members of Jay Rowe’s band, the Best Kept Secret: Dave Livolsi on bass…

…Trever Somerville on drums…

…Steve Scales on percussion…

…and of course, Jay on keyboards.

Unlike last year, there was no intermission.
Below, I do not list Jay as a featured musician because he’s featured in every song but two.  It was his concert, after all.
The original artist is listed in parentheses next to the song title.
I sat in the first row, straightaway center.  I had my tripod rested on my seat.  How else could I have gotten such jitterless pictures that you saw above and will see below?

SONG #1: Boat Ride (Jay Rowe)
Originally heard on: “Jay Walking,” 1997
Featured musicians: Bob Nunno (“NU-no”) (“The Feature Teacher”), Rohn (“Ron”) Lawrence

SONG #2: Courageous Cats (Chieli Minucci)
Originally heard on: “Jewels,” 1995
Featured musicians: Chieli Minucci, Eric Marienthal, Bob Nunno

“I wish I could make a musician magically appear on stage.”

Eric Marienthal!

SONG #3: Mystical (Chieli Minucci & Special EFX)
Originally heard on: “Sweet Surrender,” 2007
Featured musicians: Chieli Minucci, Kim Waters

SONG #4: The Ride (Kim Waters)
Originally heard on: “Someone To Love You,” 2002
Featured musicians: Kim Waters, Chieli Minucci

Kim Waters during “The Ride.”

SONG #5: Smooth Sensation (Ken Navarro)
Originally heard on: “Smooth Sensation,” 1997
Featured musician: Ken Navarro

Playing to Jay…

…and Steve Scales.

SONG #6: Try Again (Ken Navarro)
Originally heard on: “The River Flows,” 1990; “Island Life,” 2000
Featured musician: Ken Navarro
In the early minutes, Ken walked through the first few rows of the audience.

Ken playing/walking by my seat…

…and to my right.

SONG #7: Daddy-O (Joyce Cooling)
Originally heard on: “Third Wish,” 2001
Featured musicians: Joyce Cooling, Eric Marienthal

SONG #8: Come And Get It (Joyce Cooling)
Originally heard on: “Revolving Door,” 2006
Featured musician: Joyce Cooling

SONG #9: Blue Water (Eric Marienthal)
Originally heard on: “Just Around The Corner,” 2007
Featured musicians: Eric Marienthal, Bob Nunno, Rohn Lawrence

SONG #10: Open Road (Eric Marienthal)
Originally heard on: “Just Around The Corner,” 2007
Featured musicians: Eric Marienthal, Rohn Lawrence, Bob Nunno


SONG #11: Frankenstein (Edgar Winter Group cover)
Featured musicians: Caitlin Kalafus, Chieli Minucci, Bob Nunno

15-year-old Caitlin Kalafus just gets better and better with each passing year. She was fantastic on drums.

SONG #12: The title of this song was not given, but Joyce pointed out to the audience that she and Jay Wagner had not played it in 10 years.
Musicians: Joyce Cooling and Jay Wagner only

Chieli gives Joyce a stool.

SONG #13: Nature Boy (Special EFX)
Originally heard on: “Confidential,” 1989
Musician: Chieli Minucci only

SONG #14: Daybreak (Special EFX)
Originally heard on: “Global Village,” 1992
Featured musicians: Chieli Minucci, Ken Navarro, Kim Waters, the Foran High School Select Ensemble Chorus (under the direction of Theresa Voss)

Jay introduces the chorus.

The Select Ensemble Chorus in action behind Jay.

SONG #15: In The House (Kim Waters)
Originally heard on: “From The Heart,” 2001
Featured musicians: Kim Waters, Chieli Minucci

SONG #16: What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye cover)
Featured musicians: Lamone Andrews, Rohn Lawrence, Kim Waters
The next two songs featured Lamone Andrews on vocals.

SONG #17: Foolish Heart (Journey cover)
Featured musicians: Lamone Andrews, Rohn Lawrence, Kim Waters

SONG #18, Finale: Compared to What (Eric Marienthal; Les McCann cover)
Originally heard on: “Got You Covered!,” 2005
Featured musicians (initially): Eric Marienthal, Rohn Lawrence

Midway through, Jay called all the musicians back to the stage…

…including Caitlin’s father, Chris Kalafus, on guitar.

Caitlin took over on drums (she’s blocked from view, guided by Chieli)…

…while Trever provided additional percussion.

And that was it.

What a night it was.

Either later today or tomorrow, I will post my pictures with the musicians during the meet-and-greet in the lobby at Parsons and the lobby at Hampton Inn.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve posted here.  Feel free to leave comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.

This post took five hours to create; two hours last night and three hours today.  It was a labor of love, if that makes sense.

One other thing: here’s Caitlin’s official website.  As you’ll see, she’s much more than just a drummer.

8/30 UPDATE: Until today, Bob Nunno’s last name was spelled with only one “n.”  I have now made the correction.  I apologize for the error.

3/10/19 UPDATE: I upgraded my WordPress plan, which means more storage space, so I’m upgrading to higher resolution pictures.



1. Kevin McCabe - April 29, 2008

A wonderful overview from a great night of music … thanks to all who continue to support this great cause … we appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!

2. Mike Chimeri - April 29, 2008

Thank you very much, Kevin.

3. Steve Lewis - May 4, 2008

Fantastic photos and a great description of an incredible evening!
Thanks for being a strong voice for the contemporary jazz community.

4. Jay Rowe - June 11, 2008

Great Job Mike!!!

I am overwhelmed with how well your photography documented this great night of music that was such a labor of love and hard work for me. Thanks for your support and interest in all that we do.

5. Mike Chimeri - June 11, 2008

Thank you, Steve, and thank you especially to you, Jay, very much.

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